Bead Mill

bead millLarge Flow Bead Mill helps many factories to improve production. Grinding for low viscosity, well-flowing material. Self-cycling cooling system. Don't need the cooling pump. Franli produces Disc Bead Mill, Pin Bead mill, Turbine Nano Bead mill, etc. Optional material of inner chamber and disc: hardness Alloy, Zirconia, PU.

Bead Mill has safety arming when lower or higher pressure production, also arming for higher temperature, etc. Painting final size can reach 1-3um by two times in disc sand mill. If choose pin-type sand mill, higher efficiency, some material reach nano-size based on good price. Most bead mill has widely worked in the printing ink, digital ink, pesticides, lithium battery, painting, etc.

Franli Bead mill has worked in many different industries. Helping customers to get the more ideal final size, bright color, higher production capacity.

Welcome to connect with us, our engineer will support you to choose a suitable bead mill. Videos also showing the adjusting、working process, how to maintain bead mill. Which parts need check when starting grinding.

We are very glad to receive your samples for FREE testing material in our bead mill. Action now!

Disc Type Bead Mill

grinding material to reach1-5um for universal material, such as painting, ink, etc.

you can choose grinding beads size from 0.2mm-1mm for this type of bead mill.

the special shape of the disc, bigger outlet screen to reach higher production capacity. Which called high flow production horizontal bead mill.

Pin Type Bead Mill

Higher grinding effective than disc type bead can be cycling grinning by two/one tank

Pin type Bead Mill is a more powerful, well-controlled temperature.

Dyno bead Mill

Traditional horizontal bead mill, which outlet port at the middle of a bead mill.

working for pre-grinding, connect with the higher precise grinding bead mill. Two bead mill continues grinding increased efficiency.

Vertical bead Mill

Which is a Vertical traditional Bead mill. mostly working for pre-grinding for big size of raw material. the inner chamber can be SS or Alloy, according to with material. Chamber is connected with the chiller. 

Lab Bead Mill

Pin or Disc Lab Bead Mill for small-batch grinding. 10kg material is enough for lab bead mill grinding. which type of bead mill is the same as a large flow bead mill. Easy operation, save space, fast cleaning.

Zirconia Beads for Bead Mill

Zirconia Beads size from 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm...2mm.

ZrO2: 95±0.2%, Y2O3: 5.0±0.2%.

Specific density(g/cm3)> 6.05.

Color: pure white.

We will offer quality certification for each batch of beads.Best Quality Bead Mill Machine in China.

Franli, we focus on the technology of the bead mill. Supporting and offering bead mills all over the world. We have different types of bead mills, such as disc-type bead mill, pin-type bead mill, nano bead mill, etc, also we have traditional dyno mill and per mill.

All bead mills specialize in grinding low viscosity material around 3000cps. We glad to choose the bead mill size and material of machine for your materials. Such as a PH7 higher material, you should choose ceramic (Zirconia) to anticorrosion. If you want to reduce the cost, then PU inner chamber is your best choice. PU and Zirconia material can corrosion prevention. While PU is more heating than zirconia, so if you choose PU material sand mill, pls choose a good chiller to control the temperature. Alloy material bead mill is universal also very popular in marketing.

Main replace parts: double sides mechanical, meters, beads, and some sealing rings. If you buy our machine, some of them can FREE for you.

We choose good reputation parts: ABB motor or Siemens motor, ABB VFD, NSK SKF bearings, Germany Burgman double side mechanical sealing, INGERSOLL pump, etc.

What are the key checking parts on the bead mill? your operator should check the pressure meter when opening the bead mill slowly, then cool liquid pressure to check if leaking? During grinding, you can check material inlet pressure, temperature. If you have an auto full line, they should ask the factory to install a safety system with arming. If over the date, this machine should be stopped by itself.

About the Service, we offer you a 12-18month warranty for Bead Mill, Free testing by your material in our factory before giving us an order. Also, we FREE overseas training for your workers.