Inline Emulsifier

Inline EmulsifierThe inline emulsifier is composed of three sets of stators (two layers, four layers, and six layers) in the working cavity, which has higher processing accuracy, large processing capacity, and wide processing viscosity range, and is suitable for industrial inline production; The high-shear emulsification pump has a good effect and high efficiency and is suitable for products with high emulsification requirements. Inline emulsifier is indispensable equipment for micro emulsification products.

The inline emulsifier adopts an end-suction ejector, horizontal cantilever structure. According to the characteristics of the conveying medium or user requirements, the number of stators and rotors of the emulsifier can be arbitrarily selected between one to three stages, and the stator and rotor can adopt two or six layers. The working chamber of the emulsifier has two structures: jacketed and non-jacketed. The jacketed inline emulsifier can cool or heat the processed materials.

In addition to a large number of processed materials and good shearing effect, it also has the following characteristics:

1. According to the PH value of the material of the customer, different materials such as 304 or 316L can be provided; there are more choices for customers;

 2. The inline emulsifier adopts double-end mechanical seals, which can better prevent material leakage, and can also configure an independent cooling system according to the customer's process;

 3. The inline emulsifier adopts elastic connection, low noise, and stable operation. Bring customers a better sense of use.

Main Technical Parameters

Inline Emulsifier parameters