TRS-Three Roll Mill For Lipstick

TRS three roll mill for saleTRS Three roll mill is widely used in milling paste material including paint, inks, China ink, pigment, coatings, food, cosmetics, and so on.

Franli TRS three roll mill has below technical parameter and features.

1.Roll diameter: 150mm, Working length: 300

2.Roll speed radio:1: 2.3 :5.3

3.Different material chosen for roll, high wear-resistant alloy steel roll and ceramic roll

  • The hardness of alloy steel roller is 68-75
  • The Moh's hardness of ceramic roller is 9

4.With water cooling system, the roll inside can pass the cooling water, which can keep the roll temperature as a balance condition to avoid material damaged.

For some special material, for example: epoxy resin, heating type three roll mill can be customized.

5.Adjustable table for tank, which the height of the table can be adjusted according to the tank height.

6.Adjustable speed is optional to fit different viscosity of different materials.

The work of the three roll mill

The functional design of the three roll mill makes it one of the first tasks in the method of separating tiny particles. The application of three-roll mills is also evident in mixing, refining, homogenizing or dispersing viscous materials fed to them. How does the three-roll mill realize these functions? The answer to this question can be found in the design of the three roll mill.

Working principle of three roll mill

You can find three horizontally placed rolls in a three-high mill, all rotating in opposite directions at different speeds. The material you want to mill must be placed between the center and the feed roller. The material is then transferred from the center roll to the baffle roll by the adhesive properties. Now, the shear force between the rolls helps to create the dispersion.

It is important to note that shorter distances between the rolls will generate more shearing forces and at the same time reduce throughput. However, you may encounter common gap settings in measurements of almost 0.001 inches. You can scrape the crushed material off the apron roller with the help of a take-off knife. All processes must be repeated again for improving dispersion or until the stage of reaching particle size equilibrium.

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TRS Three roll mill for sale

Main Parts

Feeding system PLC system safety net safety cover
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