Three Roll Mill For Carbon Black|High Grinding & Dispersion

Three Roll Mill

Three roll mill is the main equipment for grinding colored carbon black, as it is used extensively in rubber, plastics, paints, and inks, and some carbon black is added.

Details of Three Roll Mill

  • Two types: handwheel and digital control gap
  • Safe scraper socket, Emergency-stop
  • Space-saving desktop models
  • Drip tray for easy cleaning

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

However, the particle size of carbon black as a reinforcing and coloring agent is the main factor, so the grinding and dispersion function of three roll mill is very important to meet the requirements.

Three roll mill mainly overcomes the cohesion of pigmented carbon black through its shear and extrusion forces to disperse and crush ground carbon black. By grinding with Three roll mill, the smaller the grinding particle size, the higher the blackness, color, conductivity, reinforcement, and UV resistance of the grinding particle itself, but also the lower its dispersion.

When grinding pigmented carbon black by three roll mill, we must pay attention to its particle size, especially when adding to inks and coatings, it is easy to cause undesirable dispersion problems such as flocculation, roughening, agglomeration and layering. Therefore, users need to adjust the three roll mill to a good state before using it, and pay attention to several points in detail:

  1. The distance between the rollers of Three roll mill needs to be carefully adjusted according to production requirements before use, and the machine also needs to be placed in a fixed and horizontal position so that the pressure between rollers reaches a constant state.
  2. Temperature is also an important factor affecting the quality of the material, so when using Three roll mill, the temperature of the roller should be set ahead of time, and it should be kept constant while working, to avoid the phenomenon of inadvertent high or low temperature, otherwise the final viscosity of the material will be affected and the dispersion of carbon black will be further affected.
  3. When carbon black requires high blackness, gloss, and dispersion, the surface of three roll mills must be cleaned carefully in the production of different batches to prevent the material from not meeting the standard.

Grinding effect of carbon black three roll mill

  1. Generally speaking, the smaller the original particle size and the finer the representative fineness of carbon black, the material after grinding by three roll mill is often expressed in nm. The higher the black of carbon black, the stronger its coloring power, which can meet the production needs of high-quality products.
  2. However, because the particle size of carbon black is too fine, there are more voids between the carbon black particles. There is a lot of air between these voids and the soaking time is longer. Therefore, the finer the particle size of high-color carbon black, the more time it will take to foam before it is dispersed.
  3. The finer the particle size, the more difficult it is to disperse. When the three roll mill is dispersed, greater force is required. After the original production, a series of post-treatment is required to increase the active substances on the surface of the pigmented carbon black particles to improve their dispersion.

Therefore, the fineness of carbon black is not as good as it is or as small as possible and needs to be kept within a certain range. As for the specific value to be determined according to the most suitable range for the product with carbon black, it is also very important to select three roll mills.

FRANLI manufactures all types of three roll mills and designs the best solutions for different materials. As a three roll mill manufacturer with 20 years of experience, FRANLI has a team of experts in the design of a complete line and provides permanent pre-and post-sales service.

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Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Three roll mills are widely used in a variety of chemical industries, from medium to high viscosity productions. FRANLI machine can break open all kinds of pigment, UV ink, offset ink, decorative paints, and Lubricants, it also can catch the greatest fineness in cosmetics/ lipstick and electronics industries. 

Lab Three Roller Mill
Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Three Roll Mill For Grease

The three roll mill plays a vital role in the grinding of grease. Grease is essentially a kind of lubricating oil, which is a solid or semi-solid product formed by one or more thickeners through the grinding and dispersing action of a three roll mill.

heating three roll mill
Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Three Roll Mill For Attapulgite

Three roll mill is the main equipment for grinding attapulgite. The attapulgite is ground and dispersed mainly because it is a natural colloid. Even if the size of the attapulgite reaches 0.1mm, it cannot be easily dispersed by the machine, so the final state of attapulgite formation has been greatly developed.

manual three rolll mill trs9
Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Rolls of a three-roll mill

The three-roll mill is mainly used for grinding materials of various viscosities and is one of the best wet grinding equipment. The dispersing and emulsification effect of the three-roll mill is excellent, especially for ink, paint, colloid, chocolate, plastic, cosmetics, etc., whether it is liquid slurry or paste material, the three-roll mill can work easily.

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