Triple Roll Mill

The Triple Roll Mill is especially suitable for the grinding of materials with high viscosity and high fineness requirements. The Triple Roll Mill produced by FRANLI has the characteristics of high hardness and high wear resistance, and is equipped with a high-quality cooling device, which can work continuously.


All kinds of paints, inks, pigments, electronic pastes, cosmetics, etc.


  • Wide range of applications
  • High strength and high wear resistance
  • Uniform pressure
  • Easy to use
  • Fast hydraulic cooling












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Guidelines For Triple Roll Mill

A triple roll mill consists of 3 horizontally arranged rolls rotating in the opposite direction and at different speeds. The used material to be milled should be placed between the feed roller and the hard roller and is transferred from the middle roller to the aprons roller by sticking.

It is dispersed by the shears force between the adjacent rollers. The smaller the gap between the rolls, the higher the shear force, lower the yield. Hole settings on the order of 0.001″ is common.

The crushed material is scraped off the deck rollers with a starter blade. This cycle can be repeated to improve the dispersions or until the particle size balances are achieved.

Although the triple roll mill is a traditional technique, inherently low-powered and requiring skilled operators, it is probably the best strategy for preparing high-performance particle dispersions for paint, ink, cosmetic, ointment, dental composite, and various viscous materials.

Best practice in triple roll millng

  • triple roll mill are typically assembled. While removing the mills from the container in which it is shipped, special care must be taken not to damage the working surface of the Milling rolls. A perfect roller surface is essential for the proper operation of the mill.
  • The mill must be bolted down before it can be put into operation. A solid base is necessary, especially when building large models. Once the mill has been leveled as well as bolted down, the connection and adjustment of the {electrical} control elements must be done by qualified electricians.
  • The take-off knives on the locking apron are a sharp innovation and should always be handled with care. Due to its precise positioning, the blade contacts the roller just above the centerline and is paralleled.
  • Check the optimal hole setting as per your product to maximize through it without compromising dispersion quality.
  • Don’t allow the mill to dry out. When the production run is almost complete, open the rollers and remove the aprons.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing or equipment that could be caught on the roller.
  • The shaft journal is held in place by balls or rollers bearing. We recommend lubricating the bearings once a month.

Triple roll mill Machines

Three roll grinders are used in various chemical industries to produce medium to high viscosity products. These machines pass through all kinds of pigments, UV and offset inks, decorative coatings, and lubricants, achieving the highest fineness in cosmetics and lipsticks and the electronics industry.

Three rollers for easy operation and cleaning offers three unique roller mills for hydraulic and laboratory use. Each has its advantages and capabilities and can meet completely different needs.

Here are triple roll mills that are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

SG & S Type Guide

A three-roll grinder is a Milling machine in which an adjustable wheel controls the Milling bore; the SG three-roll grinder is a new type of Milling machine based on the S three-roll grinder.

  1. SG Machines with oil-immersed switching mechanisms (oil field). Protection for long life and low noise level.
  2. Cooling control system. The SG three-roller machines are equipped with a thermometer, which is only needed to control the temperature of the material. The three-roll device is usually connected to a chiller.
  3. Generally, 10 to 20 microns are obtained in the first chopping pass.

On the other hand, triple roll mills use grease to change the gears, which makes it impossible to control the chain effectively. However, they are still widely used in the cleaning and printing industry.

Hydraulic drive – types SY and SYP

Three-cylinder hydraulic mill with fully automatic hydraulic gear control.

  1. Cooling system: Each curler has its cooling system for human use.
  2. Hydraulic control: Hydraulic control of mesh filter blades, beater gap, etc.
  3. Advanced settings: PLC system with Siemens touch screen allows engineers to customize the chopping recipe for very different feed viscosities.

Laboratory type

Laboratory triple roll mill with PLC touch screen, widely used in pharmaceutical, ink, cosmetics, and electronics industries. Small size and automatic digital control. More intelligent, safer, faster. It can be custom-made to meet all material requirements.

Vertical type for powders

We also have a vertical triple roll mill for Milling powders and chocolate. At present, the three-roll, four-roll, and even five-roll mills are vertical mills. We export to the soap industry for refining and to chocolate companies.

Type of heating

FRANLI also offers hydraulic three roll mills with heating for rubber, EVA, PVS, and masterbatches. As these machines grind highly viscous materials, the high-quality gears have been specially designed for this purpose. These machines are heated with oil or steam.

FRANLI’s triple roll mills are fully automated with PLC-controlled hydraulic systems, guarantee safe operation, and high, reliable quality. We have selected the most advanced components globally: standard components, ABB VFDs, Siemens motors, SKF or NSK bearings, and SEW or Nord gearboxes. The rollers are made of steel, in one piece, with a thickness between 45 and 55 mm. Depending on the material, the rollers can be made of ceramic, alloy, or granite. If there is a recipe for the dough, it can be stored in the PLC system. The operator only has to set the numbers on the touch screen and does not have to waste time adjusting the rollers’ holes or the knives’ inclination.

As far as feeding systems are concerned, there are many types of fabrics of any viscosity. There are feeding screens, also called extruders. And the feeding device is a motor with a gearbox on top. If the material is loose and vicious and produced in small batches, we recommend using a guide scraper to feed the material into the drum, as this is more efficient.

The packaging is the usual wooden box for export. The production area is close to Shanghai port, so the deliveries are fast, and the products are cheap. Please get in touch with us to choose a suitable triple roll mill for your material. Moreover, you can even send us your material for a first sample before placing your order.

At FRANLI, our function is simple. It is designed to help potential customers save on the price of unfired ingredients and the cost of their work by using methods that ensure proper equipment.

Over the past 20 years, we started as a small factory manufacturing dispersers and high-speed primary mixers. Today, we promote high-speed dispersing and mixing machines, in addition to individual dispersing and mixing machines such as ball mills, triple roll mill, and multi-shaft mixers. In addition, we earn the spirit of offering the most direct customer support, customer experience, and company tradition. In fact, the most suitable and easy-to-use safety application for turnkey projects and subsequent safety work. From the promotion of a few machines to a complete production line and turnkey projects. A technical support team has also been set up abroad.


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