Digital Control Three Roll Mill

digital control three roll millThe digital control three roll mill is one of the franli products that tend to be intelligent. It can be perfectly controlled by electronic numerical control technology. It is different from previous machines. When traditional three roll mills can only be controlled awkwardly, The control characteristics of the digital control three roll mill are just like the mobile phone operation, simple operation can satisfy the product development and small batch production.

The digital control three roll mill has a graphical interface touch screen, whether the operator is experienced or not, can quickly enter the operation. Among them, electronic pastes, inks, pigments, cosmetics, and other fields have perfect applicability, and achieve the reproducibility of operating data and experimental results, making product development more secure and accurate.

The roller of the digital control three roll mill is made of zirconia ceramic material and equipped with a frequency conversion speed regulating device to meet the grinding needs of different materials. The digital control three-roll mill can be equipped with a circulating cooling water tank such as an automatic refrigeration device, which perfectly solves the problems that users worry about in terms of drainage and pipe installation.


1. Intelligent product, with touch screen with the graphical interface, easy to operate.

2. With frequency conversion speed control device, according to different material viscosity and speed requirements, the speed can be self-adjusted to realize the applicability of different material grinding.

3. The squeegee can be self-adjusted for tightness and the spring-tensioned squeegee is used to ensure the discharge effect.

4. The final fineness of grinding is between 1-20 microns, which is perfectly suitable for the characteristics of different materials.

5. Small space occupation, small size, can solve the installation space problem.

Main Parts

Feeding system PLC system safety net safety cover
stainless steel body motor Pansonic servo motor Schneider electric appliance

Main Technical Parameters

Digital Control Three Roll Mill parameters