kneaderThe kneader is widely used in silicone rubber, ink, dumping, dyes, rubber, plastics, medicine, cellulose, carbon, starch, chewing gum, bubble gum, chocolate biscuit ceramics, synthetic resins, pulp, magnetic recording materials, emulsion explosives, Adhesives, building waterproof coatings, cosmetics, polymers, and various coloring materials industries.

To actively respond to the market's requirements for low carbonization, Franli has specially developed the kneader with characteristics such as desulfurization and denitration catalysts. According to different purposes, the kneader can be made into vacuum, pressure, atmospheric, Normal temperature, high temperature, low temperature, etc. 

The temperature adjustment method of a kneader can be the jacket, halfpipe, far-infrared tile, steam, hot water, heat transfer oil, electric heating, cooling water, chilled water, and other methods. Various security, measurement, control, recording, and other instruments can be installed on the kneader. To improve product quality and customer experience, advanced technologies such as hollow mixing paddle heating, paperless recording, PLC full-process automatic program control, and centralized computer control have been designed.