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The vacuum kneader is an ideal equipment that is suitable for high-viscosity material, such as high-viscosity silicone rubber, sealant, gum, cellulose, etc. Also used widely in the Paint, ink, pigment, resin, battery, cosmetic, etc industries.

Advantages of Dispersion Kneader

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












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Technical Parameter

Kneader series parameter table

Guidelines For Vacuum Kneader

The Kneaders are widely used in the rubber and dispersion kneader products trade, for example, in the manufacture of tires, cables, rubber tapes and tubes, rubber sports shoes, semi-finished sealing twin-screw kneader and calcium plastics. It is also linked to the mixing and in-plant production of paints, stains, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, tapes, and films.

The vacuum kneader drives by a couple of paddle blades with relative direction rotation, The paddle blade usually uses the “Z type” or “ ∑” type, The high shear makes the good grinding effect of high viscosity material.

The main structure of the vacuum kneader:
1). Kneader part;
With two nos of paddle blades, and the speed is different two blades, the speed can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, and the tank body material is always stainless steel

2). Seat part;
3). Hydraulic part;
The hydraulic part is operated by the hydraulic station, and the cover open and tank tilting can be operated by hydraulic.

4). Transmission part;
The speed is synchronized by the motor. After passing through the elastic coupling to the reducer, the output device drives the fast paddle to make it reach the specified speed. The speed can also be adjusted by the frequency converter.

5) . Vacuum part;
The vacuum kneader has certain requirements for the vacuum pump.
A sealing strip should be added between the tank body and the upper cover to avoid air leakage. The dovetail groove is opened on the edge of the upper cover, and the sealing rubber strip is pressed inside. When the upper cover is closed, the sealing rubber strip will be pressed tightly on the box, thus ensuring the vacuum inside the box.
The vacuum kneader uses a vacuum pump to evacuate. To prevent the materials in the tank from entering the vacuum pump and causing damage, we suggest adding a vacuum buffer tank beside it. The buffer tank can effectively prevent materials from entering the vacuum pump. Part of the dusty material will enter the buffer tank through the pipeline, and will not directly enter the pump, which can effectively avoid damage caused by the material entering the vacuum pump.

6). Electrical control part
Normal electrical control and EX-proof electrical control are optional, and SCHNEIDER or ABB electrical components are available.
Besides, we not only offer manual electrical control but also offer Auto electrical control, which operates more intelligently and conveniently.

The vacuum kneader use has different discharging ways: Hydraulic discharging, Tilting discharging, screw discharging, etc, which discharging way can be customized; The vacuum system uses steam, electrical, or oil heating as heating way, and water cooling; welcome to share details of your material, we can give the best solution.

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