IBC Mixer

IBC mixer has many forms, such as horizontal layout type, pneumatic lifting type, multi-purpose type, which satisfied different customers demands. and our IBC mixer has the following characteristics.

Advantages of IBC mixer

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












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Technical Parameter

IBC Mixer Parameters

Guidelines For IBC Mixer

The IBC Mixer is mainly used in industries with explosion-proof requirements, such as petroleum, chemical, coating, paint, woodworking, food, daily chemical and other flammable, explosive, dusty, heavy-duty, humid, and other workplaces.

1. Use compressed air as the power source, 100% explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

2. IBC mixer can operate continuously for 24 hours, and the temperature rise is small for long-term operation, and it does not generate heat; it will not produce short circuits or sparks.

3. When the pneumatic agitator is overloaded, it will only slow down the speed. Once the load is removed, it will resume operation without mechanical failure.

4. It can be used for mixing flammable, explosive, and hazardous chemicals, safe and reliable.

5. The IBC barrel agitator can be steplessly adjusted; the speed can be adjusted by adjusting the size of the air intake; the operation is simple and convenient.

6. It can easily realize forward and reverse operations.

7. Optimized structure design of pneumatic mixer, modular assembly process, convenient transportation, and use.

8. The stirring shaft and the stirring impeller are all made of authentic SUS304# stainless steel; the surface is polished, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance are good.

9. Couplings, stirring shafts, and blades are fixed by top wires; convenient for disassembly and assembly; cleaning, and maintenance.

10. Equipped with 2 layers of retractable stirring blades, which can be folded when not stirring, and the outer diameter is only 90mm when folded; it can be quickly opened when stirring, and the opened outer diameter can reach 400mm; it can be easily put into the IBC tank.

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