Dispersion Machine

Franli offers HSD-D dispersion machines in different industries. Which is a double shaft disperser machine, optional vacuum system, fixed tank system.

This HSD-D Dispersion Machine with two shafts for mixing and dispersing materials to reach higher efficiency. This machine should be installed jacket tank with a cooling system. The dispersion machine has two shafts working temperature, so a cooling jacket is the best choice for the dispersion machine.

Advantages of Dispersion Machine

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












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Technical Parameter

Related parameters of high-speed disperser

Guidelines For High Speed Disperser

A high speed disperser is an important piece of equipment in the production of industrial materials. Its function is to stir materials at high speed to achieve a fully dispersed effect and meet the needs of production. There are many types of dispersers. Different types of dispersers have different dispersing effects and are mainly used. In the production of various types of coatings, such as the production and processing of dyes, inks, emulsions, cosmetics, and pigments, it plays the role of dispersing materials.

Our standard parts of the dispersion machine are ABB VFD,SIEMENS beide motor, SEW, Nord, or Guomao reducer. Electricity parts are Schneider. The bearing is NSK. All these parts have an overseas quality guarantee. 

The delivery time for this dispersion machine is 30days, we choose the standard wooden case package and steel frame. We will send the testing videos and pictures of the production process to you during production. Also, you can choose the color of the machine. At the last step that We will send the quality control sheet, testing report, and manual book into the wooden case.

The warranty is 2years. And some free spare parts together with a dispersion machine. Offer full life technology support. Franli will fully take responsibility for the dispersion machine. Anything needs customized parts on the machine, welcome to connect with us.

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