Basket mill | high dispersion & homogenization function

Basket Mill

The FRANLI basket mill mainly adopts the form of pneumatic lifting, which is an economical wet dispersing grinding equipment developed for scientific research institutions and enterprise units.

Details of Basket Mill

  • Hydraulic lifting of basket mill’s head, Motor with noise, and ventilator protection system. Which is designed with double basket jackets,dispersion disc, cooling inlet system, and material suction impeller. 
  • Display of basket mill showing the product temperature, power input, operation time. You also can choose the automatic system of operation with the incorporation of all process parameters from the data bank.


inks, colorants, dyes, coatings, and other industries.

The basket mill is mainly used for cosmetics, inks, paints, resins, and other materials, and it can also achieve ultra-fine grinding. The particle size of the materials to be ground can be as small as a nanometer.

The basket mill is mainly used for grinding and dispersion of wet materials, which is the most widely used in the coating industry. For the dispersion of materials, the basket mill has received more and more attention and has been recognized by many manufacturers of basket mills and material manufacturers. In the past, the basket mill was often used in architectural coatings, ordinary wood color paint, general industrial paint, anti-corrosion paint, etc. Similar products also have three roller mills, which can achieve the same effect. However, for industrial paint, plastic paint, water-based industrial paint, automotive paint, and other fields below 10 microns, the basket mill has its advantages.

basket mill

The basket mill is easy to have the problem of circulation dead angle, but through this series of methods, it can easily avoid circulation dead angle, so that the materials can obtain an ideal grinding effect in a short time. The basket mill is also suitable for vessels under various working conditions and can be completed independently on different vessels. The basket mill can be equipped with mobile or fixed supports for mixing, dispersion, ultra-fine grinding, homogenization, reaction, and other processes. Thorough cleaning can be done during the interval of each batch of material treatment.

The basket mill is mainly composed of an electrical cabinet, rotating shaft, grinder, pump blade, dispersion disc, and a basket filled with a high-strength grinding medium. When the basket mill is working, its rotating shaft and the grinder, pump blade, and dispersion plate on the rotating shaft rotate at a high speed, and the grinder drives all the grinding media to produce strong shearing and collision with the material, to achieve the function of the final grinding material and dispersion polymer. Under normal circumstances, the materials ground by the basket mill are easily sucked out of the grinding basket under the strong suction of the pump blade, and then dispersed by the dispersion plate of the basket mill, The problem of material overturning is solved.

Characteristics of basket mill

  1. The basket mill has been carefully designed by FRANLI designers. Its appearance is beautiful, and it is easy to operate. With the lifting function, the lifting is flexible and stable, and the structure is firm and durable;
  2. Through simple structural design, zero foundation can also be realized;
  3. The basket mill has a complete range, which is suitable for wet grinding of all materials to meet the different production needs of users;
  4. The hydraulic lifting type basket mill is the best, especially suitable for high-power grinding and refining of materials, with stable lifting, firm structure, and long service life;
  5. Explosion-proof and ordinary types can be selected according to process requirements;
  6. The frame body is painted with carbon steel, and can also be customized into stainless steel surface polishing.
  7. The grinding medium is zirconia bead;

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Guidelines For Basket Mill

Franli is the manufacturer of basket mill, we developed a new technology based on the traditional type of basket mill.Franli Basket Mill focuses on low energy, no hot spots, controlling constant temperature, higher production, the flexibility of batch size, and a wide range of product viscosities that can be processed well.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Reasons for the popularity of FRANLI basket mills

Basket Mills, usually called batch mills, have already been used across the grinding market for years and are currently in the growing market due to the benefits which this particular equipment provides to a wetness machining process.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Basket Mill|Pneumatic Lift

The FRANLI basket mill mainly adopts the form of pneumatic lifting, which is an economical wet dispersing grinding equipment developed for scientific research institutions and enterprise units.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

How a Basket Mill Works

The basket mill is a highly adaptable dispersing device that may be used in a variety of responses to requests. Basket Mills are already used effectively in the industrial processing of pigments and the spreading of pigmentation.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Basket Mill | Wet Grinding Equipment

A basket mill is a significant piece of equipment for coatings, inks, cosmetics, pigments, and other industries where fine quality is of high priority. This basket mill is a kind of grinding machine that is utilized for low to moderate viscosity of the material. This basket mill is best to get the smaller-sized particles without putting in much effort.

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