Sub-micron dedicated large flow bead mill

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When grinding materials, the contribution of the bead mill must be inseparable. Among them, the sub-meter special large-flow bead mill has been appreciated from wet grinding. It mainly adopts newly developed functional components and systems for various industries. Provide a more economical, stable, and high-quality wet grinding process and technology. Using high-efficiency grinding discs, large centrifugal wheels, and screens, the beads can be better distributed in various positions in the grinding chamber. We will also use centrifugation The dynamic separation screen greatly increases the flow rate so that the grinding beads can be separated safely and stably during the grinding process.

Sub-micron dedicated large flow bead mill

Our bead mill can also meet the grinding needs of users through a high-efficiency separation system at high flow rates. The units involved are:

1. Centrifugal wheel

2. Screen

3. Integrated disc

4. Extra-large screen under special circumstances

When choosing this type of bead mill, you can choose discs of various materials, regular screens, and centrifugal wheels of various specifications. The bead mill also has two styles, one is vertical Type bead mills and horizontal bead mills, of which the vertical bead mill occupies less ground, which can solve the problem of the narrow environment of wet grinding. Users can also choose touch screens or other types according to the level of factory operation requirements.

Roller shaft of bead mill

Advantages of sub-micron bead mill

1. High-efficiency grinding equipment between high energy density and traditional grinding effect

2. General use one-to-time

3. Especially designed grinding beads to keep the design

4. Special type of screen cleaning design

5. Suitable for high-wear products

6. Grinding and dispersing various large quantities of high wear

7. Use a centrifugal dynamic separation screen to increase the large flow

8. Replace the contact spare parts of the product

It can select 0.2mm-1.0mm by grinding the bead size and realize the conversion of materials into micro-nano or nano-technology by grinding materials. According to our market requirements, the grinding effect of our bead mill far exceeds the two traditional bead mills. Times.

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