Static Mixer Tube

Static Mixer TubeThe mixing process of the static mixer tube is carried out by a series of mixing units of different specifications installed in the hollow pipe. Due to the action of the mixing unit, the fluid sometimes rotates left and right, constantly changing the flow direction, not only pushing the central liquid flow to the periphery but also pushing the surrounding fluid to the center, resulting in a good radial mixing effect. At the same time, the rotation of the fluid itself will also occur on the interface of the connection of the adjacent components. This perfect radial circulation mixing effect enables the material to be mixed uniformly.

The static mixer tube can be applied to the process of liquid-liquid, liquid-gas, liquid-solid, gas-gas mixing, emulsification, neutralization, absorption, extraction, reaction, and enhanced heat transfer, and can be in a wide range of viscosity Application under different flow patterns (laminar flow, transitional flow, turbulent flow), for intermittent operation and continuous operation.

Main Technical Parameters

Static Mixer Tube Parameters