Inline Static Mixer

Inline Static MixerThe Inline static mixer is high-efficiency mixing equipment with no moving parts. Its basic working mechanism is to use the mixing unit body fixed in the tube to change the flow state of the fluid in the tube to achieve good dispersion and full mixing of different fluids. The inline static mixer is widely used and cannot be disassembled.

Compared with traditional mixing technology, inline static mixer technology has the following advantages:

1. Continuous process of inline static mixer, the mixing process is not interrupted;

2. The shearing force is extremely small and does not damage the mixture, such as floc;

3. The mixing effect of inline static mixer can be calculated and controlled (CoV deviation), and the CoV range is up to 5% according to customer needs. The concentration of the fluid on the entire section is continuous and balanced, so the measured value is highly representative and can be Effective control of the device;

4 The mixing distance and installation space are very small, and the inline static mixer itself is a part of the pipeline, which can be regarded as a special pipeline, avoiding the defects of traditional mixing tanks;

5. The mass transfer efficiency is very high, the pressure drop and energy consumption are very low;

6. There are no moving parts, no wear, and almost no maintenance costs;

7. Inline static mixer will not be blocked, the installation method and material can be any shape, any size, and any material;

8. The mandatory mixing of the entire process flow can greatly reduce the volume of the storage tank, and the static mixer can even eliminate the use of the storage tank.

Main Technical Parameters

Inline Static Mixer Parameters