Multi-Shaft Mixer

FRANLI customized different kinds of multi-shaft mixers for more than 300+ customers. This kind of machine works in the coating industry, medicine industry, cosmetic industry, and other high technology chemical industries.

multi-shaft mixers

How many kinds of shaft mixers for a multi-shaft mixer?

FRANLI offers the design of a high-speed disperser, three wing anchor, homogenizer for emulsification, and high viscosity mixer with scrapper. The tank is designed by the jacket, coil, or half coil. You can connect with a heating system or cooling system according to your material features.

What are the advantages of the multi-shaft mixer?

Hydraulic control lifting, totally grinding, mixing, dispersing high viscosity material. VFD controls the speed of high speed disperser. Other two motors with reducers. We choose the brand's main parts, such as WN/SIEMENS motor, NORD/SEW reducer, Schneider electricity, and the stainless steel polished as mirror surface inside of the tank. Our FRANLI machine has no blind space, totally mixing and dispersing, and also easily discharging.

multi-shaft mixers

How much viscosity material is suitable for this type of multi-shaft mixer?

The range of viscosity is 10,000cps - 2,000,000cps, cream mixing, vulcanization, dispersing, milling, and polymerization processing. Silicone sealant, PU sealant, mechanical sealant, liquid silicone, PTV, Electronic sealant, ink, pigment, dye, electronic paste, resin, plastics, toothpaste, etc.

FRANLI has two types of the multi-shaft mixer, one is standing floor hydraulic lifting, this type of multi-shaft mixer is easy to move the tanks on the floor. You may need to purchase the hydraulic discharging machine with the filling machine together. Also has a tank with lugs to support the floor. This tank is fixed, and discharging by itself weight, or discharging by the pump. Which is most suitable for your factory, you may discuss with us before ordering this multi-shaft mixer.

 What key points you should focus on?

1) the tank quality is important, if not round totally, which tank can not discharge well, can not vacuum, or mix well. Some customers want to save the cost, some factories save cost on the tank, but this simple tank, while a key point for high viscosity mixer. Pls don't save small costs, and pay huge for future machines.

2) Heating system by steam, some asked oil heating, while which depends on the features of materials, if you want to cool and heating both on one system, pls go to choose the steam by water also cooling by the chiller.

3) Also has some other key points that you need to focus on, welcome to connect with us, we would like to share our experience with you.