Plateform Multi-Shaft Mixer

Franli produces a platform multi-shaft mixer with more than 20 years of experience. This platform multi-shaft mixers are suitable for high-viscosity or high-dispersion mixing equipment. A combination of multiple mixing methods can be used to complete the mixing and dispersion process faster and more fully. Among them, high-speed blades can choose high-speed dispersion discs. , Screw type or high shear type disperser.

Advantages of Plateform Multi-Shaft Mixer

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












Hot sale Multi-Shaft Mixer

Technical Parameter

Plateform Multi-Shaft Mixer parameters

Guidelines For Plateform Multi-Shaft Mixer

FRANLI customized different kinds of multi-shaft mixers for more than 300+ customers. This kind of machine works in the coating industry, medicine industry, cosmetic industry, and other high technology chemical industries.


1、Stainless Steel surface, mirror polishing; high-grade car painting, or plastic spraying.

2、PLC control system or bottom box control

3、Vacuum mixer: stable vacuum function, the pressure of the vacuum.

4、Special design for kneader function, stronger mixer

5、Multi-mixer, shear dispersing, homogenizer

6、Saftey operation and low noise working

7、Anti-leaking oil solution: correct choose mechanical 

8、seriously produce according to withdrawing, offer testing report.

9、Oversea training and installation

10、Standard and stronger export package

We also can make the turn-key project according to your factory area and production capacity, technology process, etc. Welcome to send us the requirement, we can discuss it together.

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