Triple Shaft Mixer

Hydraulic lifting triple shaft mixer (dispersion, stirring, emulsification), this equipment is a product designed by FRANLI with multiple functions such as dispersion, emulsification, stirring, etc.; this equipment is suitable for medium, high viscosity, and thixotropic substances.

Advantages of triple shaft mixer

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












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Technical Parameter

Triple Shaft Mixer parameters

Guidelines For Triple Shaft Mixer

FRANLI customized different kinds of multi-shaft mixers for more than 300+ customers. This kind of machine works in the coating industry, medicine industry, cosmetic industry, and other high technology chemical industries.

The difference material has different functions, such as anchor type, butterfly type, frame type, etc., dispersion, emulsification and mixing can be carried out at the same time, strong adaptability, and can be based on the characteristics and characteristics of the customer’s materials.

Driven by the power unit, the stirring paddle rotates in a fixed direction. In the process of rotation, the material is driven to rotate axially and radially. The materials in the mixer have axial and circular motions at the same time,

Therefore, several stirring forms such as shear stirring and diffusion stirring exist at the same time. It can effectively stir and mix materials quickly. The dispersing disc rotates at a high speed to make the material flow in an annular shape and produce a strong vortex.

It descends in a spiral shape to the bottom of the vortex. Strong shearing, impact, and friction are generated between the particles to achieve the function of rapid dispersion and dissolution. The stirring plate moves in a circle to produce a good radial force and accelerate the material

Circulation to improve dispersion efficiency. The precise processing technology of the emulsifying head, the high degree of coordination between the rotor and the stator. The powerful motor rotates at high speed to form a vacuum between the rotor and the stator, and the material flows from the upper part of the rotor and the stator to the

Inhale at the bottom. The strong kinetic energy makes the rotor produce extremely high linear velocity so that the material will fly out after strong impact, crushing, centrifugation, liquid layer friction, and strong shear between the rotor and the stator gap.

Under the action of different directional forces, strong turbulence is produced. The material undergoes repeated cycles of depolymerization, dispersion, homogenization, refinement, and shearing to produce a stable emulsion after a certain period under a proper amount of emulsifier and mature technology.

The hydraulic lifting triple shaft mixer drives the hydraulic plunger up and down through the work of the hydraulic pump, driving the entire transmission mechanism and the working group up and down.

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