Wood Paint

Wood painting is generally a type of resin paint on wood products, including polyester, polyurethane paint, etc., which can be divided into water-based and oil-based. According to the gloss, it can be divided into high gloss, semi-matte, and matte. According to the purpose, it can be divided into furniture paint, floor paint, etc. For paint manufacturers, this type of paint has always been the focus of customer requirements in terms of safety, fineness, and environmental protection. Franli machines have also achieved great results in these aspects. Achievement, in the case of meeting user needs, franli machinery has a small footprint, higher efficiency, and simpler operation.
Wooden paint is normal paint, dont need super size of paint, dyno mill or attritor mill for wooden paint. Also needs the mixer machine, high speed disperser.
This kind of paint is easy to produce, normally choose a standard high-speed disperser for wood paint. We have all kinds of HSD, standard standing type HSD, also platform type high-speed dispersers. You may know what difference between FRANLI HSD and market HSD, then you will choose a suitable High Speed Disperser?
FRANLI High Speed Disperser, with a bigger size of the shaft than the normal one, stronger frame, standing column is the square type with two fixed points to fix the head. We also install the auto-adjust lifting lids according to the height of the tanks. The capacity is from 7.5kw to 45kw. If you need a bigger working capacity, we would like to suggest you choose the platform type. We designed two tanks with one high-speed disperser, also we designed three tanks with one high speed disperser on the platform. Which is normally suitable for middle tanks from 1.5KL to 2.5KL.
If bigger tanks we should suggest choosing a twin shaft disperser (TSD) with, the capacity of 3KL, 5KL even 10KL, one shaft HSD is not enough, if you add one low-speed mixer with a scrapper, will improve the production efficiency. Normally bigger capacity tank should install a cooling jacket.
After TSD or HSD, you will think about the Sand Mill for wood paint. We mostly offer disc-type horizontal sand mills for the wood paint industry. Wooden paintings normally reach around 10um and have high capacity. We should suggest you choose a static high flow sand mill 30L, 50L, or 100L.

What are the important points for the sand mill?

1st, inner chamber, disc quality control. The hardness is important.

2nd, the mechanical seal is important, if install well, no leaking into the material.

3rd, temperature, and pressure of working control

4th, the bearing is a standard one, we normally choose SKF or NSK

5th, 95% of zirconia beads have different sizes, from 0.4mm-1.2mm

Then you will think about the filling machine for packaging. Difference bottles have a different ways of filling. Welcome to share your pics of bottles, we would like to help you to choose a suitable filling machine.

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