How to operate High-Speed Disperser

Setting Operations for high-speed disperser

1.Height limit switch

This switch is a safety unit, which does not allow lifting beyond the adjusted height, as long as the main drive motor is running. The height limit switch must be adjusted to stop the lift immediately as soon as the agitating element leaves the product. Make sure that there is sufficient clearance to the tank edge.

high-speed disperser

high-speed disperser


a) Loosen nut

b) Shift sensor to the required height

c) Tighten nut 

2.Container clamping device 

The container is centered to the disperser shaft by the clamping device and force-locked to the machine. The installed safety switch prevents starting of the machine in case of insufficient tension load of the clamping device. The container clamping device must be adjusted to the container diameter.

a) Loosen lever at both sides

b) Move the container so that the disperser shaft is centered on the container. Fix the container with the clamping device.

c) Tighten the lever.

The FRANLI-Dissolver is a high-speed agitator with a toothed dispersion disk. It is suitable for dispersing, homogenizing, and mixing solids in liquids. Using the high peripheral speed at the dispersion disk, strong shearing stresses are transmitted to the product and translated into frictional work. The Dissolver is suitable for manufacturing mixing components with a viscosity of up to 200 Ns/ m2 (2 000 Poise). The protection devices being built off the high-speed disperser correspond to the instructions of the Trade Association of the Chemical Industrie.

high-speed disperser

high-speed disperser


The following special equipment is possible:

1.Speed automatic:

The speed automatic enables an optimal operation in all viscosity ranges. It guarantees to work the machine in the normal load range and prevents at the same time an overstressing of the drive.

2.Vacuum equipment:

When manufacturing highly viscous media which do not ventilate themselves, an installation of vacuum equipment is possible for a simultaneous evacuation.


The scraper is used to strip off materials loosely sticking to the container wall. This is particularly required when treating thixotropic pastes, for which, even with large diameters of the toothed disk, no perfect circulation can be obtained.

4.Swiveling device:

With the help of the swiveling device, it is possible to use two stationary vessels, in special the design even three or four.

The machine was specially adjusted to the material as stated with the order and the specified production process. If you would like to change the product, please make sure that the machine can be used for this product as well.

Especially in hazardous locations, only such machines may be used which correspond to the regulations of the explosion protection. If you are in doubt about a possible application you have to contact FRANLI. 

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