Faults and Trouble Shooting Methods of High Speed Disperser

Faults and Trouble Shooting Methods of High-Speed Disperser

1.Main motor doesn’t act.

1) Whether there is a power supply.

2)Check control circuit.

3) Whether thermal relay acts.

4)Check whether the frequency conversion switch is open.

5)Watch whether the potentiometer is damaged, and if it was damaged, it shall be replaced with a potentiometer of the same type.

2、If the button is damaged or its action is not sensitive, please replace it in time.

3、If the signal lamp doesn’t light, also please replace it in time. If the signal lamp is OK, please check whether the wiring is loose.

4、Dispersing shaft is driven by the transducer. If the transducer is in protection or damaged, please reference Transducer Instruction. For general protection, it can be reset by the “Stop” key on the transducer. If transducer damage is confirmed, please contact our company.

5、Cylinder doesn’t ascend.
1)Whether there is a power supply.
2)Check control circuit
3)Whether thermal relay acts.
4) Watch the oil pump whether it runs clockwise.
5)Check solenoid valve if it is choked with foreign material, if there it is, please clean in time
6、Cylinder cannot descend after ascending.
1)Check solenoid valve coil whether it is burned, if it is, a new one shall be installed instantly.
2)Check control circuit.
7、Please strictly in compliance with operation procedures
This manual indicates procedures and principles for correct use and maintenance of the machine in texts and illustrations.
Please read the manual carefully before operating the machine.
Please keep the manual properly for future reference.

Working characteristics of high-speed disperser machine

High-Speed Disperser

High Speed Disperser

Put the manual in a safe and dry place near the machine and avoid direct sunlight. Provided the manual is broken or lost, please claim to the manufacturer or local sales agent. The manual represents the technical level at the time of exit works and sales, as well as the basis for future improvement after the test.
Unless under special conditions or requested by the customer, the manufacturer reserves the right to expand the scope of products and upgrade relevant manuals without upgrading previous machines and manuals. If there is any doubt, please consult the manufacturer.
Provided there is any problem with the machine, please contact the manufacturer. If any detailed information is needed, please contact the sales agent.
Casual operation or modification to the machine is not allowed for any reason.
For the following personnel hurt and property loss, the manufacturer will not bear any responsibilities:
1)Improper operation of the machine by inadequately trained staff.
2)There are conflicts between the machine and special laws in the host country.
3)Error installation.
4)Inadequate or little maintenance.
5)Using non-original manufacturer’s spare parts.
6)Operations are not in compliance with specified procedures.
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