Advantages and operation methods of franli bead mill

The FRANLI BEAD MILL is a machine for continuous superfine grinding and dispersing of solids in liquids. It works following the principle of agitator bead mills, where grinding media is accelerated in the grinding tank by an agitator shaft. The energy given to the media is passed onto the solid particles under collision and de-acceleration. Due to the tank being in a horizontal position, the special agitator gives an even activation of grinding media over the whole tank content. 


Bead Mill

Bead Mill


The following advantages result from this: 

1.high grinding capacity; 

2.closer grain distribution; 

3.less strain on the grinding system; 

Bead Mill is fed in suspension and processed in one passage. The product flow is adjusted by the feed pump, which determines the residence time in the chamber and thus the fineness of the product. Machines with a variable drive system will allow the agitator shaft to rotate at infinitely adjustable speeds. Constant speed machines can also be adjusted by the use of different drive pulleys. Thus the bead mill can be adjusted to give the most efficient grinding for many different products over a very wide speed range. Depending upon the temperature behavior of the product the grinding chamber can either be cooled or heated.

Operation of bead mill 

These operating instructions are designed to familiarize the user with the machine and its designated use. 

The Bead mill contains important information on how to 0 operate the machine safely properly and most efficiently.

Observing these instructions helps to avoid danger, to reduce repair costs and down-times, and to increase the reliability and life of the machine. The instruction manual is to be supplemented by the respective national rules and regulations for accident prevention and environmental protection. 

Disc Type Bead Mill

Disc Type Bead Mill


The operating instructions must always be available wherever the bead mill is in use and must be read and applied by any person who carries out works on the machine. In addition to the operating instructions and the mandatory rules and regulations for accident prevention and environmental protection in the country and place of use of the machine, the generally recognized technical rules for safe and proper working must also be observed. 

Therefore we kindly ask you for your understanding that changes in the design or of the models of our product range may arise, that are reasonable for the buyer.

Please be advised that no essential change in the function will take place. 

No claims can be derived from the illustrations and descriptions of this operating manual. 

These operating instructions of the bead mill are only applicable to the order confirmation number stated on the cover sheet. This number can also be found on the bead mill nameplate. 

Bead mill

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