Top Coat

Franli has high attainments in coating machines. We support the full production lines of coating factories and provide corresponding coating formulations and machines according to the needs of some manufacturers. The topcoat is one of France’s deep research. Our engineers will According to the needs of paint manufacturers, we have repeatedly thought and deliberated to provide suitable solutions for the entire set of equipment. Not only that, our entire production line has passed strict safety certification, and the standardized manufacturing process is our reputation. We are cooperating with customers. In the process, we implement five major standards: standardization in consultation with customers, standardization of procurement, standardization of manufacturing process, standardization of inspection, and standardization of after-sales service.
Top Coat needs colorful lighting features, choose Nano agitator bead mill, Twin shaft disperser, also low-speed mixer. Then choose the filling machine according to the can size.
How to choose the suitable machines, we would like to receive your material features, and capacity of the material, then send you the suitable machines.
Here we would like to share our experience of producing topcoats.

Agitator bead mill for the topcoat

which is a colorful painting with small nanoparticles. What is the suitable specification of an agitator bead mill?

The chamber outside is stainless steel, the inner chamber is silicon carbide. Pin material is according to ph number, we have put type, alloy type, ceramic type, and silicon carbide type. Acid material can choose up, of ceramic or silicon carbide material bead mill. Pu is cheap, similar price to alloy, but different to control the temperature, if your material is sensitive to temperature, also acid material. You’d better choose silicon carbide material. The most expensive is the ceramic material chamber and inside disc or pin.

What difference between silicon carbide and ceramic bead mill?

They are both anti-wear, the difference is that silicone is cheaper than ceramic, while silicone is easy to break if being hit by something.

So you can choose your suitable material bead mill for top coating, according to the features of coating, capacity, and cost.

Agitator bead mill for topcoat

You may also choose the mixer tank to adjust the color. Different color has different small mixing tanks with slow-speed mixer. Also, you may need storage tanks. These all tanks are stainless steel.

Powder coating station, you may choose the no dust auto feeding station to collect the flying color into the single collector. The advantage is single station has a single collector, you can feed by a single station for a different color, and you also can save the cost for collection. This powder coating station has two sizes, one for 25kg, another size is 500kg.

Franli offers the auto full project, from high-speed disperser, agitator bead mill, slow speed mixer, powder coating station, load cell system. Welcome to connect with us for full project design and production.

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