Automotive Paint

The Franli machine is suitable for the production of various coatings, and coatings, franli provides corresponding production lines, and automotive coatings are one of them. Divided into several automotive paints: the main component of common paint resin, pigments, and additives; more metallic aluminum, so after the completion looks bright; Mica pearl finish is added; mica is the very colorful effect. In the use of paint production and grinding, our machine is not only simple in operation and small in footprint, but it can also independently complete the entire process of vacuum automatic suction, dispersion, grinding, refining, cooling, filtering, and semi-automatic filling. In terms of environmental protection, it achieves the requirements of users without any noise, dust, and irritating smell.
Franli offered automotive paint machines, such as bead mill, specially designed mixers. Automotive paint is a top-quality machine, needs nanoparticle size. We offered the turn-key project for one automotive paint company.

High speed dispenser for automotive paint

We has agitator mixer for difference color of painting. The polishing of tank is mirror surface. We will choose the power of motor according with working capacity, also check the viscosity for reducer.
High speed disperserFRANLI Twin Shaft Disperser

Bead mill for automotive paint

You may think about what kind of automotive paint, putty, basic painting, middle layer painting, or surface painting, or clear painting. Difference painting has different types of bead mill.

① Horizontal sand mill for putty painting, which normally can reach 10-15um by 1.0-1.2mm zirconia beads.

② Also you can choose ribbon mixer for putty, which is mixing only, with auto discharging valve

③ Agitator bead mill is pin type machine for high fineness painting, which can reach 100nm-2um by grinding 0.4mm beads.

The low speed mixer machine for top coating, which connect with nitrogen air. Liquid is same as water.
SMP Agitator bead mill

Filling machine for automotive painting

Small packages for car painting, we normally suggest to choose the weight type, and piston type. While weight type is normally can filling by gravity and easily washing. If needs fast speed, you may go to choose piston filling machine. Also piston filling machine specially work for small packages, reach higher accuracy.
Paint Filling Machine

Some notes you need focus on:

1. Most customer choose bead mill is alloy chamber, while agitator bead mill has strong power, it’s easily to wear the inner chamber after keeping work 2-3years. So we suggest customer to choose silicon carbide inner chamber, and silicon carbide pins or discs, you will feel better control temperature and anti-wear during working.
2. Suggest to install the bag filters before filling machine, or filter pipe during transfer material.

How to choose the suitable machine line for automotive paint? Or if you have any plan to make the key-project of automotive paint, welcome to connect with us.

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