Printing Ink

Printing ink is a homogeneous mixture composed of colored bodies (such as pigments, dyes, etc.), binders, filling (filling) materials, additional materials, etc.; it can be printed and dried on the printed body; it is colored and has a certain Paste-like glue with fluidity. It can be divided into two categories:


(1) Water-based printing ink, using water as a solvent, using water-soluble dyes, glycerin, and gum arabic, etc., suitable for rubber printing and wood printing;


(2) Oil-based printing ink, using non-drying oil as the solvent, made of oil-soluble dyes or pigments, suitable for metal printing.


In the production process of printing inks, safety is the first choice of many ink manufacturers. Especially after printing inks are included in the World Health Organization’s list of 3 types of carcinogens, more attention has been paid to the standardization of machine requirements, and the safety of franli machines And standardization.


Printing ink is a little high viscosity material, needs a kneader, or twin shaft disperser and three roll mill. How to choose the suitable capacity machine and function of machines, welcome to discuss with us together.