The raw materials of lipstick include colorants, fillers, waxes, oils, pearlescent agents, flavors, and preservatives. According to the texture, it can be divided into lipstick, lip glaze, lip gloss, lip pencil, lip dye, and so on. According to the effect, it can be divided into moisturizing, matte, pearl, and so on. According to the color, it can be divided into warm tones, cool tones, and neutral tones.
Generally speaking, the lipstick machine is generally a hydraulic three-roll mill. Franli provides a complete production line and machine in the factory for the production of cosmetics.
We offer the SS hydraulic three roll mill to INTERCOMS, mainly choose 260-650mm model with PLC. about the gap of roller and roller quality for cosmetic, we have rich experience.

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SMP Agitator bead mill

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