How is the twin shaft disperser working?

Twin shaft disperser integrates powerful mixing, dispersion, emulsification, and homogenization, which is more widely used in relatively high viscosity materials and used widely in different kinds of industries such as Ink, paint, colorants, adhesives, cosmetics industry, etc...

And the twin shaft disperser has a strong non-standard degree and the blades type chosen are based on the characteristics of the different materials.

Here are some highlights of our twin shaft mixer:

1-Body real thickness can reach 10mm, and the bottom thickness can be thickened to 12mm, top cover also can do reinforcement. which makes the twin shaft disperser stronger and has the longer service time.

2-High speed part and low speed part can be adjusted frequently, which can mix the materials more uniformly and suitable for different viscosity materials. ABB VFD, SIEMENS/ABB MOTOR and NORD REDUCER can be optional.

3-Auto lifting and downing function can make the production automatically, which speed up the materials production.

4-With Teflon scrapper, which clean the tank side easily.

5-Overload protection system.

Setting the rated temperature, if the room/mixing temperature reach the rated temperature, the machine will stop, which protect the twin shaft disperser. 

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