Emulsifiable Concentrate

The emulsifiable concentrate is a kind of pesticide preparation. It is a liquid made by dissolving a higher concentration of active ingredients in a solvent and adding an emulsifier. Generally, it is diluted with a large amount of water to form a stable emulsion and then spread with a sprayer. Recently, low-volume spraying and even ultra-low-volume spraying have also been carried out.

Emulsifiers mostly use a mixture of nonionic and anionic surfactants, and most of the solvents use petroleum solvents such as xylene and methyl naphthalene, and alcohol solvents such as methyl isobutyl ketone and isopropanol are also used.


Agricultural production equipment is generally mainly mixers, powder conveying equipment, jet mills, packaging machinery, etc., while emulsifiable concentrates mainly involve delivery pumps, jet mills, reactors, storage tanks, etc. The emulsifiable concentrate processing methods need to be prepared by a certain formula. It controls a lot of product quality, mainly related to product process, content standard, PH value, dispersibility, emulsification, etc. franli is the most outstanding in pesticide formulations and has also been recognized by partners in many countries.