Contact Glue

Contact adhesive is a special pressure-sensitive adhesive. Its biggest feature is that it will produce adhesion after “contact”, that is, the same adhesive is coated on the surface of two adherents, and the adhesion occurs through the mutual contact of the two coated surfaces. Knot. After the adhesive surface is coated with the contact adhesive, it first needs to be dried to form a transparent, non-adhesive polymer film. This is also the main difference between the contact adhesive and the ordinary pressure-sensitive adhesive. franli provides the design of the entire production line, as well as formulas and machines for the adhesive manufacturers. The ultimate after-sales service guarantees the manufacturers the best experience in the process of use.
Franli offered full set of contact glue. Reactor, condenser, muti-shaft mixer, then packaging machines.

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Granite Three Roll Mill

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high speed disperser

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Lab three roll mill

Lab Three Roller Mill

Franli Lab three roll mill machine also has a safety system. Such as hopper with handguard, drip tray with integrated handguard and safety switch, removable for easy cleaning. Also safe scraper socket, Emergency-stop pushbutton. Electronic Brake.

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After Sales Support


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