Clear Coat

Franli has high attainments in coating machines. We support the full production lines of coating factories and provide corresponding coating formulations and machines according to the needs of some manufacturers. The topcoat is one of France’s deep research. Our engineers will According to the needs of paint manufacturers, we have repeatedly thought and deliberated to provide suitable solutions for the entire set of equipment. Not only that, our entire production line has passed strict safety certification, and the standardized manufacturing process is our reputation. We are cooperating with customers. In the process, we implement five major standards: standardization in consultation with customers, standardization of procurement, standardization of manufacturing process, standardization of inspection, and standardization of after-sales service.
Clear-Coat is the special coating, can be touching the CO2, or becomes harder. So you may need a vacuum mixer, also needs a nitrogen filling machine. But how to avoid touching Co2, we have rich experience for produce clear coat.
As the clear coat is easy to solidify when contacting with air, we use a nitrogen agitator mixer for clear coat, the head of the nitrogen agitator mixer for clear coating should be sealing type to avoid feeding connecting with air, and there will have the port to connect the nitrogen source. and our nitrogen agitator mixer for clear coat adopt international brands such as NORD reducer, ABB motor or Siemens Beide Motor, and SKF/NSF bearing, etc… which suitable for different customers’ demands and can ensure the agitator mixer quality. In addition, we use 300 mesh mirror polished for the tank outside and inside, which makes it easy to clean.
After the agitator mixer for clear coat, then come to the nitrogen filling machine which connected with the nitrogen, and its type is weighing type, the Filling Precision is high, and we offer the different volume of filling machine, not only from 50ML-500ML, but also 1-5L, 5-15L, and 18Letc, which suitable for different requirements of customers.
The main configurations can be customized as customers’ requirements, we have a professional technical team, which can offer matched drawing but can give our advice to your formulation, any interested, pls don’t hesitate to contact FRANLI.

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