Clear Coat

franli is recognized and praised by many customers in terms of paint. Also known as Van Lishui, it is a coating composed of resin as the main film-forming substance and solvent. Because the paint and film are transparent, it is also called transparent paint. Coated on the surface of the object, and dried to form a smooth film, showing the original texture of the object surface. As one of the Clearcoat, franli can provide customers with one or more complete production lines, and for the formulation of Clearcoat or other types of paint, our engineers will base on the most suitable Plan, debug the perfect solution and machine to ensure that the efficiency, environmental protection, safety, standardization, process, and other aspects are optimized in the process of use. Franli's grinding opportunity will finely grind the paint, no matter what the material is. Status, you can get a proper perusal.


Clear-Coat is the special coating, can be touching the CO2, or becomes harder. So you may need a vacuum mixer, also needs a nitrogen filling machine.  But how to avoid touching Co2, we have rich experience for produce clear coat.