Battery Slurries

Battery slurry generally refers to the mixing of lithium battery cell slurry. Lithium battery cell slurry stirring is the mixing and dispersion process in the entire production process of lithium-ion batteries, which has an impact on product quality of more than 30% and is the most important link in the entire production process. In the manufacture of electrodes for lithium-ion batteries, the positive electrode slurry is composed of binder, conductive agent, and positive electrode materials; the negative electrode slurry is composed of binder, graphite carbon powder, etc. The preparation of positive and negative slurry includes a series of technological processes such as the mutual mixing, dissolution, and dispersion of liquid and liquid, liquid and solid materials, and this process is accompanied by changes in temperature, viscosity, and environment.
The machines required by the general battery industry are mainly three roll mills for electronic slurry, bead mills for grinding graphite, various battery mixers and dispersers, and double planetary mixers. And franli specializes in providing solutions and machines for factories, as well as perfect after-sales service.

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