Franli is a professional manufacturer of chemical machines. We have more than 20 years experience in design and production.

What we have? We have Bead Mill, Sand Mill, Basket Mill, Three Roll Mill,Twin Shaft Disperser, high shear mixer, double planetary mixer, chemical reactor, kneader, filling machine, multi-shaft mixer, ribbon blender, static mixer, nitrogen generator, etc. And another customized turn-key project.

Why choose Franli equipment? We have more than 20 years of experience, also we passed the CE, ISO9001. warranty is 2 years. Oversea installation and training. Free testing before shipment.

Our cooperate parts: ABB, SIEMENS, NORD, SEW, NSK, SKF, Schenider. We also have exported all over the world: TOYO INK, SAKATA INK, HUABAO INK, KINGSWOOD INKS, JOTUN, NIPPON, PPG, AkzoNobel, DIC, etc.

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Butterfly Mixer

Butterfly Disperser

This kind of butterfly mixer is used in offset ink, putty etc industry. The butterfly dispersing mixer is a product with the functions of dispersing and stirring (wall scraping) developed on the basis of a single-axis hydraulic lifting disperser.

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bead mill

Dyno mills

Dyno mills are also widely used in inks. In the production of different types of ink, the structure of the dyno mill is also different. Probably follow the following rules, gravure ink: production generally uses pin or disc type dyno mill; rotary offset p

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Plateform Type High Speed Disperser

Platform Type High Speed Disperser

Platform type high-speed disperser is mainly used for high production material. Normally the high-speed disperser is installed between two tanks, easily mixing material in two tanks. also another type.

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Ribbon Blender Mixer Equipment

A ribbon blender mixer, also known as a ribbon mixer or horizontal ribbon blender, is a powerful industrial machine designed for thorough and efficient blending of various materials.

Inline Static Mixers: A Comprehensive Product Overview

Inline static mixers are the best devices that provide efficient and cost-effective mixing solutions for various industrial applications. These motionless mixers are designed to blend fluids within a pipeline without the need for moving parts or external power sources.

Glass Reactor & Chemical Equipment

Glass reactors are essential equipment widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. They come in various types, suitable for different applications.

High Speed Dispersers: A Powerful Tool

At the heart of a high-speed disperser lies a robust shaft with a specially designed blade or rotor attached to its end. As the shaft rotates at high speeds, the blade generates powerful shear forces that tear apart agglomerates and disperse particles, ensuring a homogeneous and stable mixture.