Franli is a professional manufacturer of chemical machines. We have more than 20 years experience in design and production.

What we have? We have Bead Mill, Sand Mill, Basket Mill, Three Roll Mill,Twin Shaft Disperser, high shear mixer, double planetary mixer, chemical reactor, kneader, filling machine, multi-shaft mixer, ribbon blender, static mixer, nitrogen generator, etc. And another customized turn-key project.

Why choose Franli equipment? We have more than 20 years of experience, also we passed the CE, ISO9001. warranty is 2 years. Oversea installation and training. Free testing before shipment.

Our cooperate parts: ABB, SIEMENS, NORD, SEW, NSK, SKF, Schenider. We also have exported all over the world: TOYO INK, SAKATA INK, HUABAO INK, KINGSWOOD INKS, JOTUN, NIPPON, PPG, AkzoNobel, DIC, etc.

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Z Blade Mixer

Z Blade Mixer|Shearing and mixing

The FRANLI z blade mixer is a mixer used for evenly mixing semi-solid materials. The mixer contained a U trough bowl with two Z shape blades that rotate in opposite directions for accurate blending of particles.

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Vacuum Disperser

High speed dissolver

High speed dissolver for sale: FRANLI high speed dissolver is one high-efficiency equipment that can mix, dissolve and disperse various liquid mixtures.

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Triple Roll Mill

Triple Roll Mill

A triple roll mill consists of 3 horizontally arranged rolls rotating in the opposite direction and at different speeds.

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Sigma Mixer: Product Manual

Sigma mixer, also known as a double Z paddle mixer, is mainly used for mixing or kneading materials with very high viscosity (over 500,000 cps).

What is Oxygen Generator Plant?

An Oxygen Generator Plant is an industrial facility that produces oxygen for various applications. Oxygen is an essential element for human life, and it has many uses in different industries, including healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing.

What is a Lab Reactor?

A lab reactor is at the core of laboratory exercises in various scientific and engineering disciplines. It provides an environment that allows scientists and researchers to conduct experiments and simulations of chemical reactions, which aid in developing new products and optimizing processes.