Polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive has the advantages of a simple production process, low price, high bonding strength, and nothing. It has been widely used in wood processing and wood products (decorative wood, wood processing, wood-based panels, etc.), furniture assembly, packaging and Decoration material production, paper product processing, fabric bonding, label fixing, pencil production, automobile interior decoration, tobacco processing, tile sticking, and other fields are one of the bulk products in the adhesive industry.
franli has always been very researching on the production of adhesives. We provide customers with the most suitable production line designs and machines and realize the output of the whole plant. In terms of after-sales, we are from installation to final use, franli attaches great importance to user experience.

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Drum Filling Machine

Drum Filling Machine

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bead mill

Agitator bead mill

Agitator bead mill’s pins are uniform distributed type, pre-milling your material when feeding material into chamber. The agitator bead mill has a stronger power motor, material milled by bead, and pins in the chamber.

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nano bead Mill|Wet Grinding Equipment Manufacturer

Bead Mill Machine

Bead mill machine is a microscopic and nanotechnology grind and dispersion device. The particulates are ground and/or distributed by the collisions and friction stress of the beading within the bottom chamber.

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