Gravure Ink

Gravure ink is also called gravure ink. It is the general term for various gravure inks used in various gravure printing methods. According to the method of plate making, there are gravure ink and engraving gravure ink; according to ink characteristics, there is water type gravure ink; according to ink characteristics, there are water type gravure ink, alcohol type gravure ink, benzene type gravure ink, gasoline type gravure ink, gravure plastic film ink ( phenyl alcohol type), gravure composite plastic (cold composite, thermal composite) ink, paper gravure ink, and film gravure ink; according to the printing machine molecule, there are platform gravure ink, rotary gravure ink, etc.
We provide a complete set of the production line design and equipment manufacturing and the whole factory output.

Gravure ink is the same as offset ink, you may also need three roll mill, while most customers also go to choose high viscosity horizontal bead mill, which is higher capacity than three roll millDual shaft mixer and butterfly mixer

Graft glue has shoe adhesive, construction graft glue, graft glue for fibrous composite, graft glue for suitcase/bag, graft glue adhesive for furniture, and water-based graft glue wood coating.

What machines you may need for graft glue?

Stainless steel reactor, add the raw materials regularly for reaction, mixing, and heating, when reaching some point of temperature, then add another additional raw material again. 

Condenserhas many kinds of condensers, franli normally offers u-type pipes or straight pipes-type condensers. We normally suggest choosing a u type of oil and water condenser, which machine can replace the pipes. Also if your material heating point and cooling point are over 100degree, the welding place will be broken by a high-temperature gap.

Agitator mixer, The agitator mixer can adjust the material by adding additional raw materials.

Filter, which is a filter system from the reactor to the filling machine. The machine material is stainless steel. 

Filling machine, which is a weight type filling machine, the type of filling is according to the package bottle size and production capacity.

Steam system, electricity heating the oil or water to heat the material in the reactor through the coil or jacket.

Cooling system, which is one chiller tower for cooling down the material by cooling down the water or oil.

Material pump, which is a gear pump that transfers high viscosity materials.

What is the process of producing graft glue?

1) prepare all raw materials according to the technical formula.
2) add butanone, xylene, other solvents to the reactors for mixing
3) add chloroprene rubber, continue heating, high speed mixing
4) then add another raw material to the mixing reaction and heat up
5) when the viscosity is detected and reacted, then add the other raw material for reaction
6) finished all additional material, pls connect with the cooling water to control the temperature.
7) transfer the materials by pump
8) add other raw materials such as resin, adjust the viscosity and solid content
9) then take a sample for testing, cool down more, and package.

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