Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow pencil is a kind of eyebrow ink and is the most commonly used eyebrow ink product. Its refill is made of pigments dispersed in a low-melting grease and wax base, kneaded, and then made into a pen. Usually, it is a paper refill, a wooden pencil-type, or a mechanical pencil-type eyebrow pencil. The colors of eyebrow pencils are usually brown, black, gray, brown, etc. According to the skin color and hair color, different shades can be selected.
franli supports all cosmetic production lines and machines. For cosmetics, we will also support the entire factory output and provide formulas. In terms of after-sales service, franli has also been recognized by many countries and takes customers and product quality as its responsibility.
A heating hydraulic three roll mill is used in this eyebrow pencil, and also needs a butterfly mixer.

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