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A high speed disperser is also called a high speed mixer, which is mainly used for stirring, dispersing, dissolving, and other operations of solid materials such as coatings, paints, inks, and fuels. We have motor brand options, such as SIEMENS, ABB or DAZHONG, etc. VFD is a 580 model ABB. A high speed disperser has the characteristics of high efficiency and superior performance and has attracted a large number of wet grinding equipment. A kind of mixing equipment that must be equipped in many chemical product production companies.

The overall structure of the high speed disperser is compact, mainly composed of five parts, namely, the lifting, the main drive, the stirring system, the guiding mechanism, and the electric control box. Its function is mainly realized by the high-speed operation of the upper and lower teeth of the dispersing plate, and it ensures the stability and fineness of the material during the process of stirring, dispersing, and dissolving.

Safety of high speed dispersers

In the production process, when the factory uses this chemical equipment, safety has always been the focus of our attention. Our high-speed mixer is specially equipped with a safety explosion-proof configuration, and the operation and maintenance process is also very simple, ensuring that the entire production process is safe.
High speed disperser

Applicability of high speed disperser

FRANLI is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-speed dispersing machines. In order to meet the market demand and the particularity of the industry, we have produced many kinds of high speed dispersing machines to realize the special customization and generality of the industry. The motor of the high-speed disperser runs powerfully and stably, and the high speed disperser can fully apply to raw materials of various viscosities.
The high speed disperser generally has two lifting forms, hydraulic and mechanical. Its lifting and rotating functions can be operated in a simple manner. This feature also means that the high speed disperser can be used in many different positions, which is very important. To a large extent, it meets the needs of consumers.
high speed disperser

The high speed performance of a high speed mixer

It mainly disperses or dissolves materials quickly through the high-speed operation of the upper and lower teeth of the dispersing disc. The effect of the high speed mixer is very good, the operation is very stable, and the installation is also very simple and convenient. The user only needs to operate it accurately when using it. The use of high speed disperser greatly improves the efficiency of the production process of the enterprise. In addition, for materials with different viscosities, we need to use equipment of different models and powers.
A high speed mixer plays a vital role in stirring, dispersing, and dissolving operations in the production process of chemical products. Enterprises should continue to deepen their understanding of high speed dispersers when using them, so as to obtain a more efficient user experience, create benefits for enterprises, and help enterprises improve their competitiveness.
high speed disperser
The high speed disperser produced by FRANLI far exceeds the functions of the machines on the ordinary market. High-quality cost-effective, if you are looking for a partner, you can contact our engineers directly, we will provide you with a single machine or a complete production line solution.

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