Three Roll Mill For Ink Production

Three roll mill is also called a triple roll mill. Three roll mill can be divided into an experimental three roll mill and a production three roll mill. The three roll mill is suitable for the manufacture of slurries such as paints, inks, pigments, and plastics.

The working principle of the three-roller grinder: The three-roller grinder achieves the grinding effect through the mutual extrusion of the surfaces of the three horizontal rollers and friction at different speeds. Three roll mill is the most effective grinding and dispersing equipment for high viscosity materials.
A three roll mill has three rollers mounted on an iron frame with the center in a straight line. Can be installed horizontally, or slightly inclined. The grinding effect is achieved by the mutual extrusion of the surfaces of the three horizontal rollers and friction at different speeds. The steel drum can be hollow and cooled by water. The material is added between the middle roll and the rear roll. Because the rotation directions of the three drums are different (the rotation speed increases sequentially from the back to the front), a good grinding effect is produced. After the material is ground, it is scraped off by a scraper installed in front of the front roller.

Structural features:

The three-roller grinder has three rollers, which are mounted on an iron frame with the center in a straight line. It can be installed horizontally or slightly inclined. Grinding is achieved by squeezing the surfaces of three horizontal rollers and rubbing them at different speeds. Steel rolls can be hollow and can be cooled with water. Feed between the middle and rear rolls. Due to the different rotation directions of the three rollers (the rotation speed increases sequentially from back to front), the grinding effect is very good. After grinding, the material is scraped off by a scraper in front of the front roller.
Components of a three-roll mill
Usually, the material of the roller of the three roll mill is the centrifugal casting of chilled cast iron, and the surface hardness is above hs70°; the diameter of the roller is precisely ground after high-precision grinding, which can make the grinding fineness of the material reach 15μm therefore, it is possible to produce uniform and fine high-quality products.

The process of producing graphite in a three roll mill

1. The three roll mill is a high-strength, high-wear-resistance, and tough-tough grinder. Therefore, in the ink production process, the three-roller machine (three-roller mill) will not affect the performance of the rollers due to external pressure and temperature.
2. The roller diameter of the three roll mill is highly polished. Therefore, it grinds precisely and finely, which can make the grinding fineness of ink materials reach below 5 microns, and can produce uniform and fine high-quality products.
3. The three roll mill and its transmission system are also very characteristic. Soft start with multi-line sprocket. Therefore, the transmission efficiency is high and the operation is stable. And no noise. In addition, the three-roller (three-roller grinder) also adopts a series of handwheels and screws to adjust the roller distance, which makes the operation simple, accurate, and more convenient. This is just right for ink production.
4. The three roll mill adjusts the gap between the rollers by adjusting the plane handwheel screw. It also adjusts the particle size of the abrasive. Therefore, the process of grinding the ink is simpler and more convenient.
5. The three roll mill is equipped with a cooling device, which can well distribute the heat generated when the rollers work.
The roller part of the three roll mill

Three roll mill operation instructions:

1. It is strictly forbidden to beat and scratch the surface of the roll, and it is strictly forbidden for all kinds of metals and hard impurities to enter the running roll.
2. Roller working temperature range: Ordinary type: -5℃~100℃” Heating type: 20℃~220℃
3. Normal working time of rollers: Gap range: (reference) middle, rear roller gap: 0.02″0.25 mm” Middle, front roller gap: 0.01 mm 0.25 mm
4. The sharp corners of the baffle are strictly prohibited from scratching, and the contact pressure with the roller surface is appropriate during adjustment. If the contact is not uniform, there is overflow. The curved surface of the baffle can be scraped and repaired.

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