How To Choose Vertical Bead Mill or Horizontal Bead Mill?

The bead mill mainly relies on the high-speed rotation of the grinding medium and the material to grind and grind the material, and finally obtain the fine grinding material. There are two main types of bead mills produced by franli: Vertical bead mills and horizontal bead mills. Although the two types have similar application types, such as printing inks, digital inks, pesticides, lithium batteries, paints, etc. Field, in some details, it still has different effects.

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Manufacturing difficulty of the vertical bead mill and horizontal bead mill

The vertical bead mill is easier in our manufacturing process because it avoids the sealing problem, and the cost is relatively low. For some factories that do not require very high grinding materials or whose product grinding efficiency is not very high, this vertical bead mill can be considered. However, many factories require large-scale production, so the required horizontal bead mill is relatively high-yield. The manufacturing cost of the horizontal bead mill is high, which depends entirely on its ability to ensure the sealing of the material, prevent the product from being polluted during the grinding process, and ensure the purity and fineness of the product. Horizontal bead mills are often suitable for some high-precision, high-precision grinding material products.
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The sand fineness of vertical bead mill and horizontal bead mill

When the grinding medium in the grinding chamber of the vertical bead mill is affected by gravity, the filling rate of the medium will be reduced, and the distribution of the grinding medium will be uneven, which will lead to the unsatisfactory grinding fineness of the material, and the overall grinding effect will be unsatisfactory. Status. The horizontal bead mill can overcome the influence of gravity on the medium, has a good grinding effect in material grinding, and can meet the requirements of product fineness.
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Cost of vertical bead mills and horizontal bead mills

When the vertical bead mill is stopped, the grinding media is generally located at the bottom of the grinding chamber of the machine. When the blade is opened again, there will be a strong frictional force between the blade and the grinding beads, which will cause the grinding medium to have a certain effect during grinding. And because the grinding beads are too concentrated, it is easy to cause the direct crushing of the grinding beads. The horizontal bead mill has certain advantages in grinding, which makes the whole grinding process stable and ensures the integrity of the grinding medium.
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Material analysis of vertical bead mills and horizontal bead mills

Vertical grinders are usually made of common materials, so the price of the machine is cheaper, while horizontal bead mills generally use better materials. Generally, the materials used in horizontal bead mills are tungsten carbide metal materials.
Although horizontal bead mills place vertical bead mills horizontally, there are many differences due to the influence of gravity and the difference in manufacturing materials. However, they have their places of use. As a customer’s purchase, we need to understand the characteristics of the two, so that we can better choose products that are more suitable for our production. However, with the improvement of the technical level, whether it is a vertical bead mill or a horizontal bead mill, it can satisfy the user’s experience very well. There is almost no difference between the two. If you are looking for a suitable bead mill manufacturer and supplier, you can contact us directly, our engineers will provide you with the best solution.

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