High speed dissolver

The high speed dissolvers currently sold by FRANLI are divided into two types: vertical type and platform type, one is mobile type and the other is fixed type. The structure of the high-speed disperser can be divided into hydraulic lifting, rotating, driving, stirring shaft, fuel tank, electric cabinet, etc. 

Advantages of High Speed Disperser

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












Hot sale High Speed Disperser

Technical Parameter


Guidelines For High Speed Disperser

We produce a high-speed disperser according to the industrial standard, Franli HSD’s frame is bigger than the marketing machine, the blade is double layers, hydraulic part is an engineering oil tank, which more stable lifting up and down. The operation box for Water-based material is stainless steel, also has ex-proof operation for solvent based material.

A high speed dissolver is one high-efficiency equipment that can mix, dissolve and disperse various liquid mixtures. Its main features are as follows: there are two (medium speed and high-speed) or three (low-speed, medium-speed, and high-speed) rotation speeds for mixing shaft, with low-speed and medium speed for mixing and dissolving and high-speed for dispersing. By the action of high-rotation of the blade, materials will turn violently in the vessel and be bumped and cut by blades, the material will be destroyed, and then the aim of quickly dispersing, evenly mixing, and quickening dissolving can be realized. The machine is widely used in the fabrication of fine chemical products, such as paint, dye, printing ink, and adhesive composition.   

The high speed dissolver produced in our company can be divided into two types: Type A is the standing type which is applicable for a movable vessel; Type B is the platform type which is applicable for a fixed vessel on line flow. One machine can be equipped with 2-4 vessels for alternative use and handled easily. Meanwhile, we also design mixing or dispersion equipment with a high power of 55kw~132kw to cater to our customers.  

Structure and principle of high speed dissolver 

The structure of a high speed dissolver can be divided into hydraulic lifting, rotating, driving, mixing shaft, oil box, and electric cabinet.

  1. Hydraulic lifting part

Working principle

It is composed of a plunger and hydro cylinder. Wheel box is lifted by hydraulic oil of gear pump in oil box and will descend by oil drainage for its dead-weight.  

Rotating part

  1. Working principle  

The connection of the tank and wheel box is blocked off by ball bearings and locked tightly by compression ring, friction disk, and driving handle. When the driving handle is loosened, the wheel box will turn at an angle of 360o.  

  1. Driving part  

Working principle

The driven wheel 2 is driven to rotate by driving wheel 6 with Belt 5 in double-speed or three-speed motor 16, then the machine is driven to operate.  

  1. Mixing shaft  

Working principle  

The dispersing shaft is supported by a rolling bearing with dispersing disk equipped at the bottom. The power is sent from the driving part to mix, dissolve and disperse the material.   

  1. Electric control box

It is composed of electrical elements, press buttons, and boxes. The box cover and box door are attached with Electrical Diagram or circuit diagram.

We could also manufacture customization mixers in accordance with customers’ orientation.

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