Hydraulic Lifting High Speed Disperser

The hydraulic lift high speed disperser has the characteristics of simple operation and high flexibility.

  • Inverter stepless speed regulation
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Stable work
  • Easy to use and maintain.


It is suitable for the production of paints, inks, coatings, dyes, papermaking, etc. in the chemical industry, and is used for wet dispersion and mixing of liquid and solid materials.

Advantages of High Speed Disperser

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












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Technical Parameter


Guidelines For High Speed Disperser

A high speed disperser is an important piece of equipment in the production of industrial materials. Its function is to stir materials at high speed to achieve a fully dispersed effect and meet the needs of production. There are many types of dispersers. Different types of dispersers have different dispersing effects and are mainly used. In the production of various types of coatings, such as the production and processing of dyes, inks, emulsions, cosmetics, and pigments, it plays the role of dispersing materials.

The hydraulic lifting high speed disperser may not be familiar to most people. This is a lifting high speed mixer, which has strong flexibility in the mixing process, is easy to move, and easy to operate, which brings great convenience to the production of enterprises.

Performance characteristics of hydraulic high speed disperser

Hydraulic lift type high speed disperser – step-less speed regulation:

The general disperser has certain limitations in speed regulation in the process of use, while the lifting type disperser adopts step-less speed regulation. According to the different needs of specific occasions, there can be electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation, etc., and the speed regulation methods are different. , which makes the dispersion function level of the dispersion machine completely different. For the operator, when the disperser has different speed regulation methods, the equipment is more controllable in the operation process;

Hydraulic lift type high speed disperser – rolling annular fluid:

Under the action of the lifting mixer, the material will form a rolling annular fluid, which will cause the materials to be strongly impacted by each other, to achieve polymerization and dispersion.

Hydraulic lift type high speed disperser – cycle turning:

In the internal structure of the elevating disperser, a dispersing disc will be installed. The thickness of the dispersing disc is about 5 mm. When the material rotates at a high speed, a high speed vortex will be formed in the dispersing disc. , which can make the material particles appear spirally dispersed and sheared.

Hydraulic lift type high speed disperser – 360-degree rotation:

This kind of lift-type disperser can reach more than 2.2 volts in the main motor power and can reach 1250 meters per second in rotation speed. This speed is difficult for general dispersers to achieve. It is precise because the equipment has given so many advantages. conditions, so that the disperser can achieve a 360-degree rotation effect during the high speed rotation process, and fully fuse the materials to ensure that the materials in the body can be 100% fused.

Compared with other dispensing machines, the hydraulic high speed dispersing machine has its advantages and characteristics not only limited to those introduced in this article. It can replace the operations that cannot be realized by manual operation under its use and can perfectly complete the dispersing work at the same time. but also ensure the work efficiency, and create wealth and value for the production and production of enterprises.

The high speed disperser is important equipment in the production of industrial materials. Its function is to stir the materials at a high speed to achieve a fully dispersed effect and meet the needs of production. There are many types of dispersers, and different types of dispersers have different dispersing effects.

Working characteristics of high speed disperser and related knowledge of model selection

The working characteristics of a high speed disperser:

  1. When the equipment is working, it rotates at a high speed, and its strong centrifugal force throws the material into the gap between the stator and the rotor. At the same time, the material is also subjected to centrifugal extrusion, friction, and other forces to be dispersed.
  2. When the disperser is rotating, its speed is very fast, and it can reach a linear speed of more than 15m/s. At the same time, under other forces, the material is dispersed and broken and is ejected through the stator slot, thereby entering the next environment. achieve the ideal production effect.
  3. While the material is continuously ejected, the material will also flip up and down under the action of suction. After several cycles, the process of dispersion can only be completed after the end.

From the above introduction to the working characteristics of the high speed dispersing machine, it can be understood that the working characteristics of the equipment mainly have two characteristics, one is high speed operation, and the other is circulating dispersion, to achieve the ideal application effect. However, the dispersers on the market are not all high speed dispersers, so users should choose carefully when choosing a disperser. Here we take a look at the key points of high speed disperser selection.

Selection points of high speed disperser:

  1. Clarify the effect and purpose of the use of the equipment. Due to the different material production, the required material dispersion effect is different, so the user should understand the effect achieved by the equipment before selecting the equipment.
  2. Before the user chooses the dispersing equipment, he should master the performance of the material in detail, to choose the most suitable dispersing equipment. When many users choose equipment, they often ignore the importance of materials, so that the selected equipment cannot disperse and stir materials.
  3. Determine the operating parameters and structure of the disperser equipment to ensure that the selected equipment is of reliable quality, has superior performance, and meets the needs of practical applications.

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