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When many people buy a 3 roll mill, they usually wonder how the price of a 3 roll mill is priced? There are many ways to sell and price 3 roll mills, which not only need to include the function, material, and type of the machine but also need to combine the services provided by the three roll mill manufacturers. Next, the FRANLI grinding equipment manufacturer will talk to you about this topic according to its pricing.

three roll mill

Pricing based on the type of three roll mill

There are many types of three roll mills, among which the most common are laboratory three roll millsmanual three roll millshydraulic three roll mills, etc. The pricing of each type is also different, the most important is for three roll mills For example, the price of the laboratory three-roller is slightly higher in the case of the same specifications. Compared with the manual 3 roll mill, the hydraulic three roll mill is also more expensive.

Hydraulic three roll mill

Pricing based on the material of the three roll mill

The material of the 3 roll mill is different and generally exists in the material of the roller shaft. There are many kinds of materials for the three roll mill machine, and the common ones are chilled alloy cast iron, zirconia, and so on. The material of the roller is different, and the grinding effect and durability are also different, so in general, the user needs to select the material first before estimating the price of the required item.

lab three roll mill 80

Pricing based on the fineness of the three roll mill

Many purchasers, who are not familiar with product pricing, often estimate the price according to the size of the product. For example, manual three roll mills are generally larger, while laboratory three-roll machines are relatively small, so for those who do not know how to do it. It is said that the manual three roll mill is more expensive than the laboratory three-roller. This is not the case. Although the manual three-roller is relatively large, the laboratory three-roller has more complete functions and the grinding fineness is finer. . The main reason is the fineness of the former grinding, which can only be down to tens of microns or ten microns, which is relatively thick (slightly thinner than hair), which is the requirement for industrially mass-produced coatings; To a few microns (it looks very laborious to the naked eye, you need to look at it with a microscope), such as some nanomaterials, high-end electronic glue, conductive silver paste, you need it. High-end lipsticks (lip gloss, elegant) for ladies, big brands, high-precision three-roller machine is the key production equipment, and the products made are full of silky smoothness.

Hydraulic three roll mill

After-sale service pricing

Whether the after-sales service is perfect will also affect the price of the three roll mill. Under normal circumstances, after the purchase of many machines, even the most authoritative enterprises, the products will occasionally have problems that are faulty or affected by improper use, and whether a company’s after-sales service is complete also represents the company’s comprehensive strength, and A good company will also include all after-sales service into the quotation.

three roll mill

The price factors that affect the sale of three roll mills are these points. Of course, it is also necessary to choose a good three roll mill manufacturer. Therefore, when users buy a three roll mill, they not only need to consider the price of the machine, but also the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer. Attention must also be paid.

three roll mill

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