Chinese Bead Mill and International Bead Mills

Chinese bead mill processing technology is not as good as abroad, but our efficiency is higher than abroad bead mill.

(1)The structure is different

We can customize the structure according to customer requirements. It is a composite structure. It is difficult for foreign sand mills to have a fixed structure. Changes.

(2)The material is also constantly improving

Our shaft is made of alloy steel and is not easy to rust. The material of the wearing parts is as non-metallic as possible, which is environmentally friendly and wear-resistant. The material we use now has good wear resistance. It is ceramic, and it is not easy to break;

(3)Now it adopts a double end face mechanical seal, which used to be a single end face

Mechanical seals are all cooled by oil. After changing to double-end face, water and glycol can be used for cooling. , According to customer requirements;

(4)In terms of viscosity, the whole series can be made from low viscosity to high viscosity, the highest viscosity is 80000-100000CPS; For low viscosity nanomaterials, turbine sand mill is recommended;

(5)Similar to low viscosity The ink can be treated without a screen, which is very convenient. If there is a screen and the material is blocked, the machine will be shut down first, then the material will be discharged and cleaned, the screen will be cleaned, and then installed back, which will produce a lot of sewage. The zirconium beads will be lost during the process of disassembly and assembly, and the wear of the zirconium beads will cause material blockage, so manpower, material, and financial resources will cause great loss. If there is no screen, there will be no such trouble, and energy-saving save time.

Ink, nano-silica industry, nano-alumina (inorganic grinding), calcium carbonate (nano), suitable for screenless processing, there is composite type, there is turbine type, depending on customer requirements.

The advantages and disadvantages of gear pumps and diaphragm pumps for bead mill.
Advantages of gear pumps:stable feeding, the amount of conveyance per revolution, which has a certain help to the effect of the sand mill, and it can also be interlocked, for example, the set speed, 500 revolutions is 300KG, 600 revolutions are how many kilograms, only Need to verify the motor speed, you can know the output

Disadvantages: The machine seal is easy to leak, the bead pressure is high, and the beads in the sand mill cavity return to the gear pump and they will burst. It is not easy to wash the machine and change the color. If it is a solvent-based material, use a gear pump. If the machine’s color changes, the solvent will not be able to be printed. If it is only one color, there will be problems. If it is always black, it will need to be soaked with solvent after a long time.

Diaphragm pump advantages: no leakage

Disadvantages: There are pulses, it is difficult to determine the output, such as how much frequency is 2 kg, and it is difficult to control.

Now there is a kind of electric diaphragm pump, the motor drives the diaphragm pump, but the volume is very large.

Bead mill Separation system

The material is discharged from the sand mill through a cylindrical gap separator installed at the front end of the grinding barrel. The cylindrical gap separator has a large flow area, is placed in the inner cavity of the grinding system, and forms a dynamic separation system with the rotating grinding system with strip holes. When the sand mill is running, under the action of centrifugal force, the grinding beads are thrown out or blocked outside the grinding system. There are almost no beads around the cylindrical gap separator, which ensures that the material flows out of the cylinder smoothly and enables large-flow grinding to be realized.

Bead mill Grinding cylinder mover

The end caps of the grinding cylinder and the discharging separator are installed on 4 pulley feet, which can be pulled out on the guide track until the entire grinding system can be completely touched and disassembled. It can be overhauled and assembled without additional lifting devices.

Bead mill Drive

The metal main shaft of the sand mill is connected to a three-phase motor through a belt. The motor starts to drive the grinding system to run.

Material handling

There is a transfer pump between the pre-dispersion tank and the sand mill, which is responsible for the transportation of materials when the sand mill is running.

Bead mill Operation panel

The operation panel of the sand mill is placed on the frame, with operation buttons for the sand mill and pump, and displays instruments and safety instructions.

Bead mill Control cabinet

The control cabinet includes the control and relay parts of the equipment. The control cabinet is separate into a whole. Place it on the side of the sand mill host.

The connecting cables between the power supply to the control cabinet and the control cabinet to the main body of the sand mill are not included in the scope of supply.Power supply voltage fluctuation does not exceed +/-5%.

WSD sand mill operation mode

FRANLI Machinery WSD horizontal sand mill is usually used for through-type grinding of materials. Only if there are enough grinding beads in the grinding barrel, the sand mill can work continuously. Several WSD sand mills can also be connected in series for the operation to ensure continuous production.

Control and operating elements of sand mill
On the control panel of the sand mill:

• Sand mill ammeter
• Sand mill tachometer
• Sand mill start/stop button
• Sand mill acceleration/deceleration button
• Pump start/stop button
• Pump acceleration/deceleration button
• Emergency stop button.
• Sand mill alarm device
• The material in the grinding barrel over-temperature alarms and shuts down
• High pressure in the grinding barrel alarms and shuts down
• Low sealing liquid level in the sealing liquid tank alarms and shuts down
• Low pressure in the sealing liquid tank alarms and shuts down

Material temperature and pressure are measured on the circulating pipeline:

Contact thermometer with the automatic cut-off function of the highest temperature, measuring range 0-100°C.

Contact pressure gauge with the automatic cut-off function of minimum/maximum pressure, measuring range 0-6.

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