How to make a Maintenance for bead mill ?

Make professional maintenance for bead mill, which is important working in your factory.

How to protect the bead mill?

1. To prevent from the belt slipping and bringing into friction heat, at least check one time each week timely.

2. The lubricating oil of the bead mill in the bearing seat should be thoroughly changed at about 2 months or 500 hours after the beginning of use, Clean the machinery oil filter. Later, change new oil every 3 months to 1000hours.

3. If the bead mill adopts the inner engaging teeth pump, the worn will take place after some time running. The changing principle is that the solution can’t be input as standard.

4. Bead mill adopts the mechanical sealing with high precision and durability, its leakage is very small. You can calculate the oil consumption according to oil level scale falling conditions. It belongs to the normal range if the funning each one hour loses within 1-milliliter oil.

5. Timely check and adjust the electric device and meter for the bead mill. The failure device and meter should be repaired or changed in time.

6. After about one year of running, you should carry out an overhaul with the cleaning up. Check the wearable parts worn conditions. Disassemble the outer jacket and inner rotor output and input fittings to check the scaling conditions. If the scaling is serious, please adopts the detergent to remove the scaling. Change all lubricate oil, thoroughly check the electric system safety, check whether the meter is reliable and sensitive, check whether the earthing is reliable.

How to deal with the Trouble shooting of the bead mill?

1. Material-in pump can’t discharge.

1) The front end Y type filter of the material-in pump is blocked by the other sundry.

2) The material mixing is not uniform. The material deposit makes the local viscosity is too high and blocks the material in the pipe and valve.

3) The surge pump guide rod is blocked due to bad lubrication.

2. the Main motor has not moved.

1) There is no power supply.

2) Whether the safe protection meter has action.

3) Whether thermal relay has action.

3. The rotor is not rotating( main motor running)

1) V belt is too loose to slip.

2) The rotor is blocked by the milling mediate or material.

Note: for the material with the high solidifying point, you should close the water-in valve in time in case the temperature of the milling cylinder falls so that the material in the milling cylinder is solidified and blocks the rotor. When you process this sort of material, the water-in valve is not required to open in advance,i.e. it opens when starting the machine. Don’t stop the machine in the middle course of operation. If you must stop the machine in the mid-course, you should shut off the water-in valve. After finish work, please clean the machine with solvent.

4. Mechanical vibration of bead mill

1) Material-in speed is not uniform.

2) Too little milling mediate, the proportion is too small.

3) V belt tightness is not proper.

4) The viscosity of material changes along with time.

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