Three Roll Mill – The Perfect Manufacturing Solution for Many Industries

For years, three roll mills have been utilized in different industries. For example, food, ink, paint, high-tech industries like energy conversion, energy storage, electronics, and more. Besides, these machines are quite popular in high viscosity chemical industries. A three roll mill is designed in such a way that it can easily break different types of materials, like offset ink, UV ink, lubricants, decorative paints, and more. Furthermore, you can obtain the maximum fineness in the electronic, lipstick, and cosmetics industries. While a three roll mill is used for dispersion, it can also do some grindings. The machine utilizes three rollers that operate at different speeds as well as directions to develop the shear force between the grind particles and disperse. The mill disperses the materials within a media that is generally a semi-viscous material, for instance, a cream. Furthermore, a three roll mill uses the stress process along with attrition in the milling of materials in suspension pastes or ointments. However, to obtain the desired size in your final product, you need to control some factors such as the feed rate, the gap between the rollers, and the speed range between the rolls.

Understanding the advantages of the three roll mills

Did you ever see a best-quality three roll mill while functioning and wonder how much the machine can mill? Did you ever notice the dispersion of the final product and start to wonder if this roll mill machine could be the thing that you need? Well, all your important questions can be easily answered with the help of the below-mentioned benefits. Have a look.

Narrow particle distribution

While using a three roll mill, the particle size is reduced. On the other hand, the agglomerates are effectively dispersed using the combined crushing force produced by the machine. Well, the crushing force will vary based on the speed of the roller. There will be a gap between the rollers, and the product is fed into that gap. As a result, you will enjoy a controllable, narrow, and precise particle size distribution. What’s more? You can even configure the width of the gap to control the particle size accurately. Well, you may not get such features with other systems. For example, dissolvers or bead mills generally create wider particles distribution. Besides, the level of coarse and fine particles will be high.

Perfect for different types of products

Well, as per the industry’s experts, the advanced three roll mills are perfect for different types of products along with diverse rheology. You can use this versatile machine for low viscosity materials and thick pastes too. The machines can easily disperse a medium as well as high-viscosity product with minimal liquid. As the liquid materials will not disperse, they can be added later on to the final products.

Demonstrates better temperature control

Three roll mills offer an impressive product temperature control. This is possible as different products are processed as a thin film. Well, when you are using a three roll mill, you can attain the desired cooling and heating temperature quite easily. As a result, this single machine can be used to make different products.

It can prevent the risk of contamination.

As per the experts, product contamination developed by metal abrasion issues can be eliminated by choosing the proper material for rollers along with scraper knives. Well, this can range from hardened steel, chrome-plated, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide, and aluminium oxide.

Large as well as small batches

No matter what your production requirements are, the best three roll mills are perfect to process large as well as small quantities. In fact, the machines can take the overall productivity to the next level without affecting the final product quality.

Intuitive process control

Apart from bead dissolvers and mills, there are multiple parameters that can affect the product quality. But the number of parameters in the case of a three-roll mill will be lower compared to bead mils. As a result, there will be a better reproducibility level as well as the success rate will also increase.

The cost benefits

Low operating, minimal loss of materials, convenient and easy to use tools and accessories, high-quality results are some of the major deciding factors that can help you in witnessing a huge saving. So, what are you waiting for now? Search online and get the best Three Roll Mill now and enjoy a better level of productivity.

How does the machine work?

While using the machine, the material that you require to mill is carefully placed into the gap between the centre rolls and the feed. Here, every adjacent roll of the machine rotates at higher speeds. The speed of an adjacent roll will be a little higher than the previous roll. For instance, the speed of the feed roll can be around 20rpm. On the other hand, the centre roll may run at 80 rpm, and the apron roll may function at around 250rpm. Under this process, the material moves from the feed roll to the apron roll using adhesion.

Furthermore, the dispersion is obtained by force produced between the adjacent rolls. Once done, the milled product or the final product is removed from the last roll. That’s it. The product is now ready. As you can control the energy input level, the milling process will be very precise.


The three roll mills come with a rugged structure and can easily last for years with proper care. Also, they are pre-lubricated. However, you need to relubricate the machine after using it for around 120 hours to keep the gear system protected.

Are you looking for the best-quality Three Roll Mill for your manufacturing unit? Well, you can always trust FRANLI for this. The company offers best-in-class hydraulic three roll mills, manual three roll mills as well as lab-type mills that will match your production requirements. The machine comes with the latest technology, and you can choose the rollers type based on your requirements. Also, the machines are safe to use and are designed to increase your productivity. Get in touch with the company now to get a free quote, and you can even send them your material for a trial before placing your order.

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