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To quickly realize the functions of dispersing, mixing, emulsifying and stirring materials, factories generally use high speed dispersers, emulsifiers, and mixers to make the materials reach the ideal processing state during the production process. When customers purchase a high speed disperser, they not only need to consider the cost in terms of price but also the working state of the machine itself. As a high speed disperser manufacturer and supplier with 20+ experience, FRANLI combines our high speed disperser. Let’s talk about the aspects that need to be paid attention to before purchasing a high speed disperser:

The running speed of the high speed disperser

Does the high speed disperser function well? First of all, we need to consider whether the machine can meet the characteristics of high speed, so we need to start from the basic point. When we buy a high speed disperser, the main purpose is to quickly realize the dispersion and stirring of materials. If the speed cannot be raised, the overall speed or the local speed does not meet the standard, it is easy to cause some materials to not reach the ideal state so that the production efficiency is greatly reduced, and our high speed disperser can perfectly achieve 1450rmp, and can also meet other requirements for speed customization. In this regard, Many high speed dispersers cannot meet this requirement.

The capacity that the high speed disperser can handle

The more capacity the machine can handle, the higher the overall productivity. Not only that, but the capacity that the high speed disperser can handle is increased, and on the other hand, labor costs can be saved. However, different types of high speed dispersers have different material handling capacities. The types of high speed dispersers sold in the market are basically between 500L and 2000L. For special requirements, the processing capacity can also be increased, but when we purchase a high speed disperser, we cannot only consider the capacity of the high speed disperser. Due to the different capacities of the high speed disperser, the processing rate of the material is also different, so customers need to buy. Considering this standard comprehensively, you can also think according to the solutions provided by your engineers or manufacturers.

Lifting method of high speed disperser

After several years of precipitation and innovation, the performance of the high speed disperser has been greatly improved, and the high speed disperser does not only use the traditional operation method. The traditional high speed disperser needs to be in use. Relying on manual operation, but after the iteration of the product, the current high speed disperser has the automatic lifting performance in the decentralized operation process, and the proportion of manual operation is small, generally only need to monitor the effect.
As a high speed disperser manufacturer with rich experience, FRANLI has established a professional expert team in the research and development of new functions for high speed dispersers and the manufacture of products and will continue to improve our products. If you are still looking for For suitable high-speed dispersing machine manufacturers and suppliers, you can contact us directly, and we will tailor-made for you through multiple sets of solutions.

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