The use characteristics and skills of the Three roll mill

Three roll mill is referred to as a triple roll mill. Three roll mill is the most efficient equipment for grinding and dispersing high viscosity materials. Three roll mills can be divided into laboratory three roll mills and production three roll mills. Both are mainly suitable for the production of paints, inks, pigments, plastics, and other slurries. Its working principle is to achieve the grinding effect through the surface extrusion of three horizontal rollers and friction at different speeds.

Working principle and design features

1. Three roll mill has three rollers installed on the iron frame, the center is straight. It can be installed horizontally or slightly inclined. The grinding effect is achieved by squeezing the surface of the three horizontal rollers and friction at different speeds. Steel drums can be hollow and can be cooled with water. Add material between the middle and rear rolls. Since the rotation directions of the three drums are different (the rotation speed increases sequentially from the back to the front), a good grinding effect is produced. After grinding, the material is scraped off by knives mounted in front of the front rollers.
2. When using the Three roll mill, check whether the position and locking of each part are normal. Add lubricating oil according to the marked point, turn on the power, adjust the front and rear handwheels, observe whether the roller system is normal, remove the dirt on the roller surface: wipe with soft paper or clean cotton yarn, loosen the baffle clamp, and adjust the front and rear rollers and the middle roller to 0.5 mm, then start the power supply and let it idle for 1-2 minutes.
3. Three roll mill is mainly used for various high-grade pastes, such as paints, inks, plastics, pigments, cosmetics, electronic pastes, solar silver pastes, aluminum pastes, glass solder pastes, etc. It is especially suitable for the grinding of products with high dispersion viscosity and high particle size required by the centrifugal casting of chilled gold cast iron rolls. The crystal phase is dense, the strength is high, the surface hardness is high, and the wear resistance is good.
three roll mill

The correct way to use the three roll mill

Rotation operation:

1. Open the Three roll mill to check:

(1) Check whether the roller surface of the Three roll mill is clean and whether there is any foreign matter between the rollers.
(2) Check whether the scraper is sharp
(3) Check whether each lubricating part is sufficiently lubricated.
Grind using three roll mill

2. Preparations before starting:

(1) Loosen the rollers in turn.
(2) Release the blanking knife.
(3) Slightly loosen the gear tip.
(4) Prepare the slurry tank (must be cleaned)
(5) Open the cooling water valve
three roll mill

3. Start:

(1) Press the Three roll mill start button to start.
(2) Appropriately press the tip of the gear and immediately load the material (paint)
(3) Rotate the handwheel, adjust the slow roller and the fast roller, move closer to the middle, observe that the roller surfaces are parallel, and adjust the tightness of the roller.
The tipping bucket of a three roll mill
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