Factory Guidelines for FRANLI Three Roll Mills

Three roll mill is the most effective grinding and dispersing equipment for high viscosity materials. It is mainly used for the grinding of various paints, inks, pigments, plastics, cosmetics, soaps, ceramics, rubber, and other liquid slurries and paste-like materials. What factory inspections are generally required for the three roll mill?

1. Each three roll mill must be inspected and qualified by the inspection department of the manufacturer, and can only leave the factory with a certificate of conformity.

2. Before leaving the factory, each three roll mill must be tested at rated speed for 30 minutes without load, and the product should meet the following requirements.

1) The three roll mill runs normally and smoothly, without abnormal sound, and the operating device is flexible and reliable.

2) The connecting parts and fasteners must not be loose.

3) For products produced in batches, at least two units shall be randomly tested each year, and the test shall be carried out according to the provisions of JB/T9820.3, and the results shall meet the provisions of 3.4.

4) When the ordering unit accepts the product, it should be accepted according to this standard. If unqualified, it should be re-submitted for acceptance after repair by the manufacturer. Under the condition that the user complies with the instruction manual specified by the manufacturer, within 1 year from the date of purchase, if the damage occurs due to poor manufacturing quality, the manufacturer shall guarantee repair, replacement, and return.

5) The quality of paint coating shall be inspected according to the provisions of JB/T5673.

3. Marking, packaging, transportation, and storage

(1) Each three roll mill should have a product label fixed in an obvious position, the label should comply with the provisions of GB/T13306, and the label should indicate the following:

a. Name of the manufacturer

b. Product name and model

c. Spindle speed

d. Productivity

e. Supporting power

f. machine weight

g. Product manufacturing number

h. The date of manufacture of the product.

(2) Mark the rotation direction of the rotor with a red arrow at the obvious position of the casing.

(3) The three roll mill should be packaged before leaving the factory, and the package should be convenient for transportation and ensure that the product is not damaged.

(4) The accessories (spare parts and tools) supplied with the product should be complete.

(5) Each product should be accompanied by the following documents:

a. packing list

b. Product quality inspection certificate

c. Product instruction manual

d. User opinion questionnaire.

(6) All documents are sealed in plastic bags and fixed in the box.

(7) The three roll mill should be stored in a moisture-proof and rain-proof facility.

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