The lipstick production machine you don’t know—three roll mill

Lipstick, as a kind of cosmetic, is now loved by women from all over the world, but few people know what machine it is produced by. Next, I will take you to solve the mystery of the machine that is essential for the production of lipstick.

Use a three-roll mill to grind the lipstick

The basic raw materials for making lipsticks include wax, grease, pigments, and pigments. The typical raw material ratio is 20-30% wax, 50-70% grease, and 5-15% pigment.

The first stage: The pigment needs to be mixed with an appropriate amount of grease (the ideal ratio of pigment to grease is two parts grease to one part pigment), and then the mixture is ground through a three-roll mill to uniformly disperse the pigmented polymer.

The second stage: Add the uniformly dispersed pigment and grease mixture to the melted wax and remaining grease (a small amount of fragrance can also be added), mix, and pass through a three-roll mill for reprocessing to achieve the desired particle size (usually 20 microns) ). The three-roll mill is a very effective device for uniformly dispersing lipstick pigments.

The third stage: The lipstick needs to be formed and cooled in the mold.

The fourth stage: burn through the combustion cabinet to increase the surface gloss. Then carry out a series of exquisite external packaging, which is the lipstick you see.

three roll mill

The three-roll mill here is mainly suitable for the use of paste or high-viscosity materials that need to be dispersed and require high fineness; the center of the roll can be passed through cooling water when the equipment is running, which has a good cooling effect, and the normal temperature rise is less than 10 ℃, The product quality is guaranteed. The surface of the three horizontal rollers is squeezed together. The material enters between the back roller and the middle roller. The product is squeezed by the rollers, and the product particles are thinned, and then taken out by the fast roller. A scraper is installed at the end to separate the material from the roller and fall into the collection bucket. The distance between the rollers can be adjusted by hand, and the grinding effect can be achieved by friction at different speeds.

The three-roll mill can not only be used in the manufacture of lipsticks but also cannot do without it in many industries, such as various paints, inks, pigments, plastics, cosmetics, soaps, ceramics, rubber, and other liquid slurries and paste-like materials. Grinding, the fineness reaches about 15μm.

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