The 22nd China International agrochemicals exhibition concluded successfully

The 22nd agrochemical exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai, China. As an influential agricultural and chemical industry, franli attended the exhibition. The exhibition is divided into seven modules: pesticides and intermediates, fertilizers, agrochemical equipment and plant protection equipment, overseas, seeds, agricultural aviation, irrigation, etc.

According to the exhibition, Ms. Liu, the head of franli machinery, and Ms. Tao, her assistant, mainly promote the agricultural machinery of the team to all international friends participating in the exhibition. The main equipment include: sand mill, emulsifying machine, dryer, high-speed disperserfilling machine, mixer and centrifuge. Among them, the three main products of franli: sanding mill, filling machine and high-speed disperser have been supported and favored by friends at home and abroad. The machines mainly originated from franli have helped many factories improve work efficiency and simplify the use of the machines.

Sand mill

Sand mill

Franli sand mill is mainly divided into: dyno mill, disc type sand mill, vertical sand milllaboratory sand mill, etc. franli provides various types of sand mill to solve the problems of all customers as the first goal. Moreover, the sand mill is specially designed for low viscosity materials of about 3000cps, and adopts automatic circulation cooling system, which can work for a long time without cooling pump.

Filling machine

Franli’s filling machine mainly outputs the whole production line, and is designed for all industries and special requirements to completely solve all kinds of problems in the production of canning. The types of products involved include: bags, bottles, barrels, gasoline barrels, etc., which support the packaging of various shapes and specifications.

High speed disperser

There are two main specifications of franli high-speed disperser, one is single axis high-speed disperser, the other is double axis high-speed disperser, which includes vacuum high-speed disperser, platform type high-speed disperser, etc. Generally speaking, the frame of franli high-speed disperser is larger than that on the market, the blade adopts double-layer form, and the hydraulic part is combined with the engineering oil tank to make the up and down lifting more stable.

Sand mill

In this agrochemical exhibition, franli not only stands out among friends and peers at home and abroad, but also solves the problems reasonably and efficiently for many manufacturers with certain problems.

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