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FRANLI is a manufacturer that specializes in designing and producing three roll mills,  Our Three roller mills are widely used in a variety of chemical industries, from medium to high viscosity productions. FRANLI three roll mill can break open all kinds of pigment, UV ink, offset ink, decorative paints and Lubricants, three roll mill machine manufactured by FRANLI, also can catch the greatest fineness in cosmetics/ lipstick and electronics industries. Three roller mill, with easy operating and safe cleaning. FRANLI three roll mill manufacturer nowadays has different model of manual Triple Roller Mill, Hydraulic Three Roll Mill and Lab three roll mill. They have their own advantages and features to meet different requirements.

FRANLI three roll mill offers you good quality parts of the machine, which lower cost on parts, stable operation, higher production, and efficiency. Because the operation life of three roller mills mostly depends on the quality of the roller, our roller on the Three roll mill machine has over 10 years life. That’s why rollers are the key part of the three roll mill. FRANLI three rollers are high-wear resistance, the surface of the roller is nickel Alloy powder, you will agree that our roller is more hardness, anti- wear. Three roller grinding mill has less noise, working stable, higher efficient. Three Roller material is alloy chilled iron roll, the hardness of each roller on three roll mill is over HS70. The Roller shape can not be changed by hitting and heating. Normally material final size can be 5um after grinding by FRANLI three roll mill. The inner of roller is a cooling system, can be connected with chilled water, heated  seam or oil to reach material formulas’ requirement. 


The speed of each three roller is different, the rate of speed is 1:3:9, which is controlled by 6sets of different sizes of gears at the side of the three roll mill machine, adjust the gap of rollers to milling and dispersing material.  the 1st roller (slow speed roller) is feeding roller,  3rd roller of three roll mill is a final grinding roller (fast speed), also named discharge roller.  2nd roller is a transfer roller that transfers raw material into a discharge roller. While the direction of rotation is different, 1st and 2nd rollers break your hardness material opening, then pass into 3rd roller for grinding again, which function adjusts the color of the material and discharges by a blade. 


We have exported three roll mill for more than 20 years, such as Japan, USA,thailand, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, etc. Offer 400sets of three roll mills every year. We has own lab three roll mill in testing room for different material of final testing before shipment. Our warranty is 18months to 24months, we can offer the parts of machine during warranty. FRANLI offers overseas engineering installation, testing, and setting up formulas of material and training. 


About the quality control of three roll mill, we will offer the certification of machine, before shipment, we needs check the roller balance, the thickness of the roll, the heating or coolling system, blade pressure, and full pressure systm. Outlet function for materials. We will send you the electricity drawing, machine manual book, maintenance sheet, and QC certification.


We have an overseas engineering offices in different countries. They can fully support our FRANLI all machines. For further information, welcome connect with us also you can call us by Whatsapp.  thanks for taking your time to read three roll mill.   

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