Three roll mill – A detailed Note and usage guidance

Few people are familiar with the rolling mill, a form of compression mill. It is horizontally placed and contains a single, double, or even triple cylindrical heavy wheel. They all rotated toward their long axis, whether they were opposing pairs or flat plates. It can crush or grind a large variety of materials. One roller is driven by a motor, while the other is spun by friction and caused by the distance between the rollers. If you’re searching for a 3 roll mill, you’ll want to buy the best one possible and thoroughly check it.

If you want to get the desired particle size, then you must have to control the following things:

  • The gap between the rollers
  • The speed difference between the rolls 
  • The feed rate

The design of the roller mill depends upon its application and use as well. These are few names of the roller mills along with the work they perform:

  • Crackers: It’s used to shatter grains and other friable materials.
  • Flakers: They are used to flake grains. 
  • Grinders: These are used to grind in the feed mill. 
  • Crimpers: It is used to crimp grains. 
  • Crimper: It is a kind of roller mill that cracks and crimps the grains at the same time. 
  • Crumbler: It is designed to break up the pellets into smaller particles. 

The three roll mill is an essential piece of equipment for the paint, ink, food, cosmetics, and pigment industries. If you manage any of these businesses, you must invest in the best quality three-roll mill then it works longer and faster. The rolling mill is made up of cold hard alloy centrifugal casting. The thickness of the cold hard alloy is about 15 to 25mm and the hardness is HS 68-75. The milling process’s expansion and contraction will automatically adjust to increase machine life, material precision, and efficiency. It is made up of good quality steel sheet welding and has nice looking, easy operation, lower labor strength, higher machine strength, and longer life. The three-roll machine is outfitted with the most recent chain transmission technology available on the international market.

To extend the machine life you must dip the gear inside the lubricating oil. You will get the water temperature display at both inlet and the outlet but make sure that the temperature will be stable and good quality available. The output hopper is made up of stainless steel, and the entire machine has a coat of solvent-resistant paint. 

Working process:

As we know, there is a space between the rollers, which may be changed to meet the needs of the customer’s goods before starting the machine. You must have fed the material between the two copper blades and then the middle and slower. At first, the material can be transferred to the fast roller and then squeezed or rubbed between the middle and slower roller. Every roller mill provider only focuses on the three roll mills gears, the belt, and the motors as well. If you want to operate quietly and quietly, you must inspect the gears of the manual three roll mill. The three roll mills are quite heavy, but this makes the machine more stable during operation.

These are some best practices in three roll milling:

  • The three-roll mill is always delivered fully constructed for the convenience of the customer. To avoid marring the rolls’ working surface, you must be very cautious when extracting the mill from the shipping container.
  • Before operating the mill make sure that you should bolt in place. For production size models a good solid base is required. Once the mill has been leveled and fastened in place, you must concentrate on wiring and the installation of electrical control components. Make sure that you have taken the help of a qualified electrician. 
  • The knife of the apron will be sharp and handled with care. When you put the knife in its position, it will come into contact with the roll, which is slightly above the centerline and precisely parallel to it.
  • You must do testing to determine the optimal gap setting for your product to optimize throughput without losing dispersion quality.
  • Don’t try to run the dry mill. When your product has almost run then open the rolls and disengage the apron. 
  • Wearing loose clothes or other loose accessories can become trapped in the rolls, which is not ideal.
  • Roll journals, as you know, are supplied with roller bearings and ball bearings, but you must oil the bearings once a month.

After reading all the above points, you will get to know the importance of the three roll mill and how to manage it properly. If you are searching for the best roll mill machine then you must have to visit franli, it is one of the best companies. They serve customers from all over the world and have experience of about 20 years in design and production. It does not matter whether you are searching for a bread mill, sand mill, basket mill, three roll mill, twin shaft disperser, high shear mixer, double planetary mixer or any other machine. You will get a wide range of machinery on our site which will help your business to produce more and expand more.

The roll mills are of good quality and long-lasting as you must have to take care of the maintenance. You have to give us a chance as we are experienced and passed CE, ISO9001 with a warranty of 2 years. We export our machinery to all over the world as you can go through our review section and you can also contact us regarding any query or doubt about our roll mill machinery. 

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